Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Daily/Weekly Routine and Other Events

September 9, 2015

Maybe I should start this by sharing my daily/weekly routine… Every day, Elder Noprada and I buy three pieces of fried chicken from Sister Marzan (a ward member who is very nice and reminds me ALOT of Aunt Erin lol). We travel and teach with a member present and his name is July. He is very nice and has been a member for 2 months now.  Every P-day we give our laundry to these ward members who do it for us for 200 pesos. Every Sunday night we go to the Libre family’s house for FHE; they are considered "datu" (rich) because they have a nice house AND a car (not many peeps own a car). There we teach a lesson and receive brownies:) Makes Sundays a little more special:))) We do what we do to support the members in their businesses.

This last week was a long one...that went by fast - haha. I did the unthinkable....I ate balot (baloot)...The rotten duck-fetus thing still in an egg shell. Mine was 18 days old which is the oldest you normally buy them!

I received a love letter from a (crazy) lady on a bus! That was weird...

All the kids LOVE the American! Everywhere I go I hear "Hey Joe!" Joe is what Filipinos call white people and yes it is meant to be racist and insulting. Last fast Sunday, Noprada and I went to the ocean to pray at the start of our fast (because it is that close) and when I opened my eyes a huge swarm of kids were right in front of me! So we played some games and took some pics:)

The missionary work is going great! I am becoming better at my Cebuano and can understand just a little now as opposed to none earlier. The investigators are great. We teach a lot of less-actives. We started teaching this older man named Ernesto. He is Catholic (everyone here is Catholic btw) and he came to church the next day after we taught him. He didn’t come to church last Sunday so we went to his house on Tuesday and talked with him/ taught a lesson. We had a very good lesson and the spirit did touch his heart. He had told us that he hasn't received a witness yet and when I testified about Joseph Smith the spirit flooded the room and he was brought to a state of happiness that can only be described as conversion. He came up to me right before we left and thanked me personally. I felt really good that I was able to teach and testify by the spirit.

I also mentioned about another investigator named Gabriel. He just decided to come to church after we talked to him on the street. In the past 4 Sundays he has come 3 times and each time we teach him, after church, he is happy and WILLING to learn! He walks 3 hours one way to get to church and to me that is a person who actually wants to learn about religion— a dedicated investigator:)  If all goes well he is to be baptized at the end of this month.

I got Elder Noprada into Magic the Gathering. He asks me each P-day to play:) I am also asked each other day to cook some fried chicken because apparently I cook good fried chicken. Last Sunday we mixed it with BBQ sauce just like General Tso.. that one brand that Costco sells and it is good. Many times we are far from the house and we need to go home but there isn’t a bus... so we walk! We walked for about an hour last night, got maybe 2/5 of the way home before a bus saved us at 10 PM! We are requesting for bikes.

I killed a gigantic spider this morning. The thing was as big as my hand. After dousing it in pernephorin it ran into a corner and died:). Cockroaches are everywhere here btw. They fly and bite. They too are fun to douse in pernephorin! Lizards are still everywhere as well, more often than cockroaches. Elder Noprada doused one in the chemical and It FREAKED OUT! I felt bad for it. Dogs are more common than humans here. There are tons of the four legged friends and they are pretty casual with people. The people here don’t really like dogs so much.

My tummy still feels awkward. (Probably because he ate the balot egg!)

It rains a lot...

Things are great and I am loving it here! When we climb the MOUNTAINS (not hills) to teach, I can over look the many green hills and see the ocean in the back ground. It is exactly as President Gordon B. Hinckley states "controlled chaos". The driving is chaos yet no one crashes. The houses have no address yet everyone knows where everyone lives. The food here...wouldn't be held up to American standards yet we still eat it - haha. With all the interesting quirks of this land I still find it to be an interesting place to live and I can't wait for what is to happen in the upcoming weeks.

Email me with what is going on back home in Murica! I want to know if anything big is happening.

- Elder Morris

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