Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Beginnings as a Zone Leader

November 23, 2016

What a crazy long week! So I said adieu to Elder Fernandez last Thursday (they grow up so fast! :' ) and I hit an early bus going to Lahug Cebu (that’s the temple here). I met Elder Espiritu, my new companion. We had to finish organizing transfers and such, making sure that everyone had their travel buddy (companion) and their luggage! We did find a big piece of luggage left at the terminal that we had to take to the temple; some elder forgot his suit case!

Friday was an interesting day. We had Bishop Waddel from the churches Presiding Bishopric, Elder Robbins and Elder Peirce from the 70s show up, all with their wives, to have a conference with all the missionaries. ALL of Cebu mission was there. That doesn’t happen btw! They spoke just briefly on “Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts” as well as “Begin with the End in Mind”. They then opened it up to a Q and A. Now I ALWAYS ask some sort of question or say an insight so of course I asked a question. My question really did quiet everyone in the chapel. After the conference a lot of people came up as commented to me about my question. One of the 70 (E. Peirce and even Sister McCurdy) even said some brief words such as "Oh so humbling!" and "Thank you for that!" etc. I asked "What advice do you have to give to someone who is overcoming depression?"

After my time on Siquijor, depression did hit, not hard but just enough to humble me. I overcome my depression by always working and serving. That was difficult to do on Siquijor. My thoughts as I reflect my past 1/2 year, 6 months, 1/4 my mission, last 26 weeks, whatever you want to call it are these:
* Siquijor is by far my favorite area
* Matthew 22:35-40 are some of my new favorite verses as I have been pondering lately (about the past month
* and... I miss it:'(

I did get word that sister Mae was confirmed last Sunday too!

Being a ZL is fun! Already heard of two problems in the zone haha. Had fun with a lot of meetings. Everyone looks up to you (literally and figuratively - haha). My comp has been sick lately though so we haven't been working as much this past week.

Other than that we are all fine! We have here some really good investigators. San Nicolas is very city and Central Zone (my new zone) is the most city out of any area! We have places from malls to squatters areas which are very dirty. I already get along with the members, and already have some new friends :D.

We are now devising a plan to present to the MLC. Lately the new mission implementations have just been "Raise the Bar" and that is NOT effective. The big problem with that is there is no plan on how to do that. So we are making a plan! Our focus will not be on just up the lessons and tracting but mainly focus on working with the stake and ward leaders to enforce the totality of this plan. I will email next week with how it goes and possibly what the plan is.

Other than that I am doing great! I am having a fun time here in San Nicolas (TONS OF PEOPLE AND BBQ). All is good. Love you all! See you soon:) :'(

-Elder Morris

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