Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This is it!!

June 7, 2017

"The time is far spent; there are a few days remaining to publish glad tiding here in Cebu mission!"

I honestly can't wrap my brain around the fact that I will no longer have an assignment here on Monday and then released from being a missionary a few days later. I always watched my friends line up and take off thinking that it will never be me! My time will never come! Some part of me wishes that my time won't come, another part of me wants to go home and find inday hahahahaha!

Starting in premortal mission life with Elder Gali in the MTC and then being born here in Toboso Negros with Elder Noprada. Followed up be Elder Germain and then buggin out to Argao Cebu to followup train Elder Adap. Coequal with Elder Estanislao and then opening Pardo C Cebu with Elder Beretara. Making it 10 weeks with him before the emergency transfer and having a stake missionary, nga si Brother Mark Jayme, for 2 weeks. Afterwards, I got exiled to Siquijor where I was with Elder Artajo for the two transfers. Became District Leader after one of those transfers. Then I picked up my anak, nga si Elder Fernandez, and trained him for two more transfers on Siquijor. Receiving my first Zone Leader assignment in San Nicolas A with Elder Espiritu, then pushing two more transfers with Elder Putnam. After requesting to die off in Escelante I was shipped off to San Carlos where I never regretted it! Elder Eberhard (who shares the same first name as me) and then to be killed off by Elder Murdock. A total of six areas, 13 companions.

I baptized 21 people (counting two more THIS Saturday). 8 in Toboso: Mika, Rezamia, Patrick, Chris Merk, Gabriel, Ernesto (R.I.P), Victoria, and Kyle (who never got confirmed). 1 in Pardo: Billy John. 1 on Siquijor: Mae. 1 in San Nicolas: Kenneth. 10 here in San Carlos: Roque, Punay, Flora Mae, RoMari, Jill Beauty, Tony, Alfredo, Larry, and Liza and Antonnette this Saturday.

Last Monday morning I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Cebuano. I understood it! That makes 6 times in the past 2 years that I have finished that book. I also read the D&C once, PoGP once, and the New Testament once. (Sorry Old Testament! Didn't find time for you!).

So much happened and boy am I glad that I took a journal with me! Wrote an entry for every day! I am very blessed that my parents sent me a camera in the MTC. I wish I had taken more Photos of course but I have about 32 GB FULL of pics & videos.

After all that has been said, all I can testify is that I finally see the light in my life! After that experience of mine in the MTC, a quiet chastisement from the Lord, I haven't had depression since! I get very frustrated and angry when I cannot work because that is how I have figured out how to beat my depression, Service! I have always known that this church is true but now I know why! My eyes are open to many different things in life and religion is one. The Book of Mormon speaks to me each time i read it especially the last one I read in Cebuano! I have learned so much from that book that it draws my full attention! The latest verse that has been on my mind for the past 3 months is found in Moroni 7:45-48. I sustain our living prophet today, President Thomas S. Monson. His body may be weak but his mind is still sharp! I likewise sustain all the Apostles of the church as my guides back home. I know Christ lives. His teachings do lead to a happier life! Life isn't meant to be easy but at least it can be enjoyed!

This past week we baptized Alfredo and Larry! The sisters also added their baptism. The tall Filipino in the Center is the sisters baptism who was baptized by the more round Filipino.

We attended a wedding last Friday for Branch 1. The married two people and then baptized them right after our baptism.

We interviewed Liza and Antonnette Aclan for baptism this Saturday. They passed!

We had MLC last Monday and Tuesday. I Took my first picture with President and Sister McCurdy. 2 years and I finally get a picture with them! 

Well I have some stuff I need to get done! I will be seeing most of you inig uli nako! 

(Pics are the wedding, baptism, and the Martinez family as they went home from church last Sunday!)

- Elder Morris

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