Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, October 3, 2015

And Done With My First Transfer!

September 22, 2015

As stated above, done with my first transfer! Even though I have to remain here in Toboso with Elder N. for another six weeks while I am still in training.  

This past week has been long and full of many...things-haha. The reason I emailed on Tuesday is because we went to Dumahetti for Zone Conference. That was fun. Road a bus for 7 hours to the conference. We didn't receive our funds for this next two weeks before we left so we were bankrupt when we got there and had to be humble enough to bum food off of people. The conference was good and I learned a good deal about being a better missionary.

I got to speak again in sacrament! Hooray for broken Cebuano! It went well and I was able to make the whole congregation laugh with one of those cheesy jokes that are usually said when one talks in sacrament.

This week we went to Brother Ernesto's balay to teach him and he told us that he hadn't received any answer and for us to not return. This did actually hurt a bit. We asked him to pray one last time and we left. This past Sunday he showed up to church! He told us that when he went to his Catholic priest about the apostasy he told him to not focus on it or "...those lying Mormons...”. Brother Ernesto saw that they could not answer his questions and so he has come back to asking us because we have the answers. We extended bunyag (baptism) and he said yes. I sure hope all goes well!

A bird pooped on my neck. >:(

Went to the Libre house for a B-day party and there was A LOT of food and people (a lot of food isn’t always the case here so it was quite an eye opener). The Libre family is considered to be "datu" or rich. We have FHE there every Sunday and they always have some sort of sweet thing that is delectable. Last Sunday we had a mango float. It is one bottom layer of graham crackers crushed, sweetened condensed milk poured on top, and then a layer of mango shavings. Repeat this process until you have a trifle looking thing and then freeze it in the fridge. It is lami:) yummy.  Then on Monday I woke with this bad pain in my belly and well… let’s just say that no amount of going to the C.R helped. I blame the mango float as here not everything you buy at stores (the sweetened condensed milk) can be trusted. The Filipino quality check is more like a brief look over. Hours went by my body soon flushed out the toxin that was in me and I feel better now. Yesterday, Elder N. went down with a fever of 102. I got to play Nurse Morris a bit as he tried to feel better.

I killed a HUGE moth. I at first thought it was a bird that had flown into our house but after dousing it in pernephorin, I was able to see it was a gigantic bug! The spiders here are big too.

I have now started to book of Ether in the Book of Mormon. It should take me 2-3 more days to finish, so for all of you who I challenged to read the book before me...well you got a couple days left! As I come to the conclusion of the book I am truly pained to see the degeneration of people as they let Satan into their hearts. You can see these things happening in our lives today as well! It is scary but sadly going to happen. Just as Mormon states that he would lead the armies of the Nephites but he knew they would all be destroyed in the end, so too can we see that the world is ripening for destruction and soon shall have its demise and then Christ shall rule once more. If you don't believe me then pick up a new copy of the Book of Mormon and a highlighter and sit down and study it. If you can truly study it and finish reading it, I promise you that you will believe it is true. If you study it out right now, not going off of past experience, there will be no way you can truthfully say that it is wrong. The blessings that come from that book are much more desirable than we can ever imagine and I look forward to that great day when I can say that I am forever now living with my family and friends in heaven. Say what you will, the Book of Mormon is true and you can see the prophesies happening is this world right now! I wish for everyone to see and know what I know. The first and foremost step in knowing this is first reading the book, but more than just reading, actually study it. You will know for yourself.

I thank you all for the support and I wish the best for you all at home! AMPING!
-Elder Morris

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