Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And I am Done with Follow-Up Training

December 15, 2015

So I suppose you would like to hear the biggest news first? Last night we got transfer calls and just as I suspected, I have been evicted out of my humble fishing town of Toboso and tomorrow I will be going to Carcar zone on Cebu Island. I will be the senior companion as well and follow up training my companion. So right off the get-go I will be in a leadership position and hopefully will be able to do my best!

This past week has been very long... Started out with going to Dumagetti last Thursday, Friday, and returned Saturday. Dumes is a BIG city on the southern tip of Negros Island whereas Toboso is on the most northern tip of Negros. It took 7 hours travel by bus to go one way (A distance of about 100 km... which would take 1 hour MAX on American freeways). There we ate at this restaurant called Burgers and Beer. I had true American food and imported cherry Dr. Pepper! OH BOY I MISS AMERICAN BURGERS AND FRIES AND SODAS! We then watched the Christmas devotional from the First Presidency. We received mga gifts from the president. We each received a new hardcover BOM with a new challenge to read the whole thing in 3 months. It hasn’t been a week yet and I am halfway through 2nd Nephi. I love that book and so far it has been a great blessing to read it again! I plan to be finished by the end of next transfer (in 6 weeks if anyone wants to race!) The president talked to us about Christ’s birth and then we had a "Talent-ish show". Each zone had 45 min to do whatever they wanted on the stage in front of all the Negros missionaries. It lasted about 5 hours... I met up with my old trainer, Elder Noprada, there. We exchanged words and small gifts. It was good to see him again and I see that being a District Leader has changed him (for the better).

A couple nights ago we received a phone call telling us that a super typhoon is coming to Negros and will plow through my zone....yeah that didn’t happen. It barely rained on us too! No wind, no scared people; heck I think no one even knew a typhoon was about to come! Nothing different happened but we were all scared!

This past transfer, when I look back at it, has been a huge try of my patience. I have learned a lot about my personality and about becoming more Christ-like in my actions. I am safe to say that I did not blow up on anyone haha but TBH I am glad for this upcoming transfer. I'm tired of waiting on disobedience. I have also learned that I hate to waste time when I need to be doing something. I hate worldly talk. I really loathe any form of talking about others without respect towards them. It truly drives the spirit away.

I cannot wait to be the senior companion this next transfer! I will be doing my absolute best at my job! You can count on that!

I wish the best for you all at home and I hope you stay safe in the snow! It is something like 80-100 degrees here and I am always sweaty!

Amping moha! 

- Elder Morris

(This is us giving the presents my mom sent over to the little mga bata!)

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