Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2nd Week Down

March 23, 2016

Well this week was rather quite quick. I would like to start with the funniest thing that’s happened this week and possibly my mission.

So we were walking down this rather narrow path to get to some gators house and all of a sudden a motor cycle decides it wants to pass us on this path meant for one person. On our left is a brick wall and the right is this river of sewage. As I barely squeeze to the wall, Elder Beretara tries to get as close to this open hole in a corner to let to motor pass by. He took one small step back and I watched his HUGE body fit perfectly into this small hole as he fell into the SEWER!!!! GAH EEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!! He scraped his arm and LOST OUR PHONE!  His scriptures were fine though :) He ripped his shirt and had ...brown stains... on his clothing... We went home dayon! so that he could get cleaned up. He cried like a baby too when I tried to get alcohol on his scrape... After barely touching it with the cloth he would utterly refuse it. Yesterday,  I watched this EVIL dog bite the fingers of this little kid. He took it like a man when I cleaned his small cuts with alcohol. 

 (His battle wounds)

(Elder entered this whole to fall into the sewer... EEEWWWW!!!!!)

So the little children love me! I am like a jungle gym to them too. They are always grabbing onto my arms either swinging on them or asking to be lifted up. I love them so much and they are probably my favorite part of this whole mission! With their dirty little faces they are so adorable and I wish I could hug them:/ We can’t hug them.

Went on splits with my DL and worked in our big city here of Talisay (because Pardo isn’t big enough!). Worked there and had a great time! Kind of a break too haha!! (Not a break from working but a break from not working.) It is difficult to get some people to have a true desire to serve and so it ends up affecting you. When I am not working my depression come back. I get more annoyed, patiences goes down, I get slightly more angry too. I don’t like this so I am always trying to be out and working (cuz working for us is really serving).  Well with this whole transfer we have been out of the house 2-3 hours late every day, not really trying to find people or new gators... it’s really frustrating and depression the comes back. Well I was reminded of a talk by David A. Bednar called the Character of Christ. In summary he talks about how people in their worst of times turned outward to serve others and due to this the pain goes away. This is how I've managed 9 months (WOW 9 MONTHS!!) by always serving, so I HATE IT when I am not working (serving). It just brings back the loneliness and depression. A lot of people’s "walls" go down when all you try to do is help them. This one exp we helped this mentally disabled tatay carry his big water buckets to his house and ended up teaching his older sister. She seemed slightly interested kay all we tried to do was help them. Good lesson and blessing that came from trying to serve! 

Ah... simple week. The happiness is slowly coming back and hopefully I will be able to learn to serve even those who are bugging me hahahahahaha! JK I love them all:3

I wish the best for you all! I totally had some awesome pics but the internet shop here won’t let me plug in my camera. Oh well. Sa sunod lang! 

My cebuano is getting good too. Maybe next week Ill email sa bisiya lang! 

Amping moha! 

-Elder Morris

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