Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, March 6, 2016

One-Third of the Way Through My Mission

February 24, 2016

Well today is Feb 24 which marks the 8th month of my mission! One-third done and dang that was fast! 

This past week was spent with a lot of puntedness... We barely got our mission standards in lessons and FTEs. We almost baptized someone yesterday; had an 8 year old decide they wanted to be baptized. After creating the plan and all, she decided that it was too fast and so we moved that back a month. 

We took a trip to see one of our investigators that we can normally only visit on Sundays after church. She was Skyping her soon to be husband when we got there. He is an american from California. Once my gator is up for baptism (around the end of May) he will come here and baptize her and her daughter and then they will go back to California together. So I got to talk to this guy and plan this lady's baptism and all. Much more easier than having a middle person!  

In church we got new branch president. Our awesome branch mission leader is now the President.

Today we had to opportunity to go to Cebu and go to the temple here. We woke at 5 a.m. this morning to leave so that we could get here at 10 a.m.. Session, email, balik. We will probably get home around 8 at night. Then we wake up at the same time and come back to Cebu for a Zone Conference. Hooray for spending all our support on travels! The temple here is amazing! It is a smaller temple but is very nice. It gives me ideas of how to style my house when I build mine :). 

So far so good. Um yeah nothing really too big happened this week. Still alive haha!  

I hope you are still alive too! I love y’all back at home! Take care!

-Elder Morris

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