Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weekly Update

March 30, 2016

Like always this has been a long but fast week. Idk what happened to all my money but I ran out last week so I've been running on fumes this past week - haha and don’t get to withdraw until Friday... Pastilan I guess I need to better budget my money.  Nothing big (as in falling in the sewer or damaging a car) happened this week. We did go to the Cebu Temple and took some of our gators there to show them around. We didn’t go inside due to the nonmembers but we showed them around and such. While at the temple something fun happened. I saw one of my friends from the MTC there! I have a batch of about 17 missionaries and only 3 of us came to Cebu. (I've only seen one of those 3 since we were assigned trainers). Everyone else (save one) went to the Cebu east mission, the other one went to Tacloban. Well I saw one of my batch mates from the MTC there so that's always fun!  
(Me and the 2 sisters: the one in blue is my batch mate.)

We went back to my friends at the dump to find out that one of the guys we are teaching got arrested! He apparently had drugs and was caught. I guess I know what we are teaching him when he gets out! My other friends at the dump side are ok. One of our recent convert families moved to another place just randomly. I feel it is because the husband is trying to run away from the church (or keep his wife from going). She wouldn’t come to the temple with us because her bana would beat her up... pastilan I hate that! It was always difficult to teach there too due to brother not liking the church. I guess at times like these you just have to give it to the Lord. He knows how to direct His work and shall do all things for good. The people at the dump actually live in the trashy parts and scavenge through the trash for the things that they use to make stuff to sell. The kids all have dirty little faces too:). 

(This is the family that the sister is the RC and ended up moving to Talisay (for reasons unknown...). she has 7 kids.)

So this just in!! My companions chair JUST GAVE IN! All 4 legs ripped out from under him and he fell to the ground. He's broken 3 chairs at home and now this one hahaha! He just laughs it off. 

Hmm... I can’t really think a whole lot about anything else to share.... If I do I’ll either send another email or wait till next week! 

 (I found a zebra so schempre I had to take a pic on it! )

(Four of these chilldren are RCs here (as in baptized last month). They are awesome! They know all the scriptures and the stories, and love to play games.) 

Amping moha!
-Elder Morris

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