Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Starting Month 14

July 27, 2016

Today has been long. We woke up at 4 A.M and walked to the boat port (it's far btw) while it was still dark out (and chilly a bit:)) and sailed out to Negros Island. We were informed last Monday about our Zone Interviews we had just earlier so that is what we did here. Woke at 4 A.M. Sailed for 2 hours one way and now 2 hours back. No breakfast until noon gyud. All for a 20 minute quick meeting with President McCurdy. In about one hour we will sail home so we won't be able to get laundry done today, food bought, and house cleaned. It looks like we shall be doing these things early tomorrow morning!!! 

This week has been a great week as far as being a successful missionary. A lot of diligent work done and people talked to. The thought comes to mind whenever I think of my mission right now: "A good soldier does what he is told to do and does not complain." In the fight for salvation the Lord needs soldiers who can brave the pain of trials and loss. I just have to work with what I have got! 

We had many fun things happen like hiking up hills, and painting houses, and totally awesome District meeting given by yours truly, and awesome splits, aquid eating, and lessons taught etc. We decided to take another way up this mountain (5 km uphill... no joke) and as we started going up I realized that I left my handkerchief at the house and lost my umbrella at the house we just came from so it was HOT!!! I don’t think I've sweated so much in my life! I got to the top off that mountain in 2 hours flat and looked like I just jumped in the ocean!! My shirt was dripping in sweat and... yeah it was bad but alas, I survived:) It was a great time to apply the above quote about not whining. Whiners are annoying haha.  

Things are going great with my companion - no problems. My district is still alive too haha. Splits were fun yesterday as I worked with Elder Jones, another American. We got along quite well as we have the same idea of how work gets done (it’s by working btw). Our IBDs aren’t making it to church. They tell us they keep getting ready but right before they go their bike is flat or they are waiting for the mother and are way late so they just don’t go etc. We haven't been able to visit them a whole lot either because they are gone. I hope that the Lord will be with us and with them! 

We found another big lizard and took him home. We found this little dead one and put the two in a pot. The big one is called a Toko and bites. He got out and ran around trying to bite everyone. It was quite eventful. We did the same thing last week with a big crab we found. Took him home and then let him run around trying to pinch the others haha. Quite fun.

Nothing much else really happened. I wish I had more fun stories to share! 

I hope you all are doing great at home! Take care ya'll!

-Elder Morris

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