Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sorry for Being Late

July 20, 2016

A huge and random bagio (storm) hit yesterday. It lasted like 10 minutes and the wind was so crazy that it took out several trees! The power was cut out from noon till midnight! Going to sleep in this heat.... oh its bad!!! Need... the... electric fan! The bagio took out all internet connection on the island all morning so we just did our shopping first and then found this place which has working internet so hey! Internet:)

(This is one of the trees taken out by the big wind storm.)

First week of being district leader is ok. My workshop was totally amazing! It inspired all 4 of us! Other than that nothing else is different. We have another American in the house - an Elder Jones. He just finished his follow-up training and so he is new. Quiet like me and did a year at BYU. He's nice. Our district is a bit more open now and we are all interacting well with each other so that is good.

Last Sunday we got a little bit of a scare. Our progressing IBDs texted us Saturday night saying how the father was hubog- drunk. So Sunday they didn't show up :(. We waited outside the church for them. There was this huge SUV was parked across the street. We saw that one of the huge tires was FLAT!  We thought nothing of it until Monday when we went to Juvy's house to talk with them. They said that they all got ready for church and at 8:50 they went to their bike and...FLA.T! I'm not sure if there was a coincidence with the SUV we saw and their bike... Yeah. Either way they were ready to go to church at least!

Last Monday we brought food over to their house and I cooked this big meal for us all on a FIRE! No stove but open camping style fire... It turned out well:)

(This is me cooking at Juvy’s.)

We had some rather funny-ish moments. We had one day that was just walay klaro! Not clear! We FTE'd this family and the dad was drunk. He was not being a nice husband to his wife (beating her) when we walked up and so wife was very quiet. The husband was open and such but alas drunk. I talked to the wife and got her to talk until the brother came in and started ranting. I was SO close to screaming "THIS IS SPARTA!" and Spartan kicking him into the river because he was standing on the 10 ft ledge. Oh I hate seeing people treat their wives like the way he did and the things he said! We left that area before anything happened and went up to this old tatay sitting on this cement edge over looking this other river. About another 10 ft drop into the other river. He was a jerk! I almost Spartan kicked that old tatay too into the river!! He was mean! Elder Artajo talked to him as I just waited and cooled off. These little girls then came up to me and sat next to me and I was able to be happy again due to my little heaven sent friends haha. Elder A. started to bash with tatay and told me afterward "I think I cursed him!" PASTILAN DER!

We then continued walking and went up to this house and I walked to the door for it was open and shouted "Aiyo!" cuz that’s was you do... no doorbell or knocking. Right as I got to the entryway I see this lady laying face down on her floor...not wearing anything (repeat: FACE DOWN). She looked up dayon and I'm like "SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY!!" and I just turned around and walked away... rather odd.

Other than that, nothing much else has really happened. It’s just been quiet. We are spending a lot more time tracting than anything else! But our one family is doing well (the Lumoljo family). Word of wisdom is the hardest part for them so we are now looking at around September that they will be baptized unless they just cut it all cold turkey!

All is good. Still not dead haha! Love you all and hope you are having a great time where ever ya'll are at! I’m almost done with the BOM for the 5th time. Trying ko for 9 times this year... so far have finished it 3 times... fun!

(This is my little friend J )

- Elder Morris

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