Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, October 23, 2016

And naa'y Zone Interviews

October 19, 2016

Hello from Dumaguetti. We were told that we have zone interviews today so we went to Dumz this morning. As in... woke at 4, barely made the boat. I'll admit that I threw up on the boat and have just finished my interview with the President. All is well haha.

This last week was actually pretty long. It felt like a whole transfer! Due to Elder Rice being out with Dengue, we had to make some interesting work calls. For half the day I would stay home and watch him and send out the 2 trainees to go and work. Elder Fernandez, my companion is fantastic and can work without me haha! Elder Rice's trainee is only a week in the mission so he is new. Any who, I had a lot of time in the house this last week and you want to know what I did the whole time? TBH slept! Being self motivated isn’t easy - haha. It is a lot easier to get stuff done when you have a plan.

We had ZTM last weekend. I missed it. Elder Rice couldn't make it so I thought it be best to send the two new trainees to the meeting and I would stay here with Elder Rice. So a whole day to do nothing! yeah....

Because we are in Dumz right now we couldn't go on any big adventure today:/ but the Senior Couple was here last night and we worked with them. They took us to a huge resort to eat lunch. I ordered a really expensive pizza that was the size of one of those freezer pizzas you give to your 5 year old. 

(The top pic is me at a resort and this one is ALL of the missionaries on Siquijor island plus the senior couple (the sister is taking the pic)). 

The investigators are still kicken - haha. Juvy and Jesselle are not where we hope they would be. Things are a little difficult with them right now. Mae is doing great! The only problem with her is that she is probably going to the Negros island for school next semester! That’s in 2 weeks... so we may just have to refer her to others to seal the deal with her. And Allyssa is doing great. She came to church last week! We are all still doing great. Our one and only RC just graduated last Monday. We now have no more recent converts in the area:/ 1 year dry ang Siquijor for baptisms.

All is well here. I hope that all of you are doing good back at home! I have about 1 month left on Siquijor before I will transfer. There is a very small chance that I won’t transfer but that’s like nothing so 1 month left! So fast haha!

I read two talks this last week that really inspired me. One is called "Accepting the Lord's Will and Timing" by David A. Bednar (found in Aug. 2016 Liahona). It talks about "Do we have the faith to not be healed from our problems/ sicknesses?" It really focuses on how the Lord's will will prevail and how we need to accept it because it is for our better. I recommend reading that story.

All is really good. Still hangin’ in there! Again, I hope all is well for y’all back at home! Amping!

-Elder Morris

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