Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, October 23, 2016

General Conference Was Great!

October 12, 2016

The week was pretty simple as we spent the entire weekend over on the other island, Negros, so that we could watch General Conference. I felt like it was all counsel on enduring to the end. I can see that now that men’s hearts are failing them. All over here we have a lot of people just fall away. As far as member retention goes, it is a little difficult here. 

Our gators are doing great! I think. Allyssa is doing fine; she doesn't commit to baptism cuz she fears her father but we will keep praying and trying! Mae is still doing well. She has come to church two times and if she comes the next two times then she will be baptized here on the 5th! Hooray! Juvy and Jesselle are still trekking along. We are having an important lesson tonight with them which would probably help them decide once and for all (cross your fingers!).

One of the missionaries, Elder Rice, got Dengue. He is training a new missionary and because of this sickness he can't work so we have been switching out on who is working with Elder Rice's new comp. It’s been pretty busy and we aren't getting so high on our numbers of lessons and FTEs, but alas I hope that the sacrifices in the work will bring blessings! 

Not much really happened but I would like to share my favorite part from General Conference. President Thomas S. Monson gave a great talk in priesthood session. He shared a story of a man in WWII who had to evacuate off of a Filipino Island. He caught the last boat leaving the island and barely made it to the last big boat leaving the bay. A rope was thrown to him to climb up onto the big carrier and he had a big radio on his back. As he got 1/3 of the way there (and by now the boat was heading out to open sea) he started to lose his strength and was about to fall and perish in the ocean. He cried out "Father! I have been keeping the Word of Wisdom my whole life! I really need the blessings NOW!" As soon as he said this he felt a great serge of energy fill his body and thus he was able to climb up the rest of the way to the deck of the boat. 

I know that the blessings come when we most need it. We may not see the blessings of keeping the law of chastity of the Word of Wisdom right off the bat but they are ours when we keep them and when we most need them! I've learned from experience that this is true. Keeping these blessings helps you overcome the big problems! 

Any who, I hope you all are safe! My next week email will be short and quick for we have an activity next week. Take care! Love you all! 

-Elder Morris

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