Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fist Week in San Carlos!

March 29, 2017

I honestly can’t describe my first week here. SO much happened and I am glad for the journal!

Starting with last Wednesday after email we went around to some families. We saw Tatay Rico and I said good bye to him and also this nanay Abie who is so very nice and is always present at our lessons but isn’t investigating. We said bye to them and then went to probably the family that I was most close with, the Alidon family. The nanay gave me a shell chandelier that is so fragile that I feared it breaking on transfers but alas it survived :)

We took off early Thursday morning and got to San Carlos rather quite quickly. By about 12 I was already on the other island and with Elder Eberhard (oh and my new TRUCK!) Elder Eberhard is great! He does not speak any English. Cebuano na lang. He is really good at the language due to his dedication to speak it. My Cebuano isn’t so good. Probably my biggest regret from my whole mission is not really learning the language as much as I should have. I have 11 more weeks to go; maybe I can master it by the time I go home.

My area is bukid gyud (rural). We drive out to the middle of nowhere to visit the one person and their cow. We do have a lot of potential here though! There are a lot of IBDs and people going to sacrament. It is a branch out here but they have a nice church building. We also have a small island as part of our area that we get to visit. We also have a group that we are to visit. They live about 1 1/2 hours away up a mountain in the middle of the rice patties. Life is fun with a truck:)

As far as adventures go, one of our investigators caught a komodo dragon in the jungle. So what did I do? I took it by the head and took a selfie with it! I know they are dangerous but he was tied down. It got a bit scary later cuz we put a big bucket over him while we taught and as we took the bucket off he had managed to escape from the bands. He was not happy.  Our investigator jumped on it and pinned its head down and retied him up. They feed him the big toads here.

We went up to the group last Saturday and stayed the night until Sunday. The place was so cool! It is far up a mountain so we had some amazing views! The cute little meeting house was also our house that we stayed in. The night got so cold that I had to grab for a blanket! This place is way up in the mountains! A nice old lady there would feed us all of our meals there. Church was fun. About 3 men and a bunch of R.S and Primary kids - 25ish attendance.

We have a new senior couple here so last Sunday we went on splits and E. E. had me go with the couple to some visits. We got lost of course as we tried to find these places at the late afternoon but had some good quality time with the Moons. On Tuesday (yesterday) we took them around to ALL of the apartments and churches here in San Carlos Zone. I got to see all of the areas and such. They are all branches but they have very nice meeting house established.

Other than that the week was good! Lots of things happening that I suddenly forgot but lucky me that I keep a journal. The internet here is extremely slow and I can't upload photos cuz of the pagka-slow. So maybe some other time!

I wish you all the best! Amping mo diha!

-Elder Morris

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