Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, May 7, 2017

And the Week

April 5, 2017

I will admit that right now I am a bit sick. We had our MLC this past Monday and Tuesday. We just got back from Cebu and I am a bit sick from the boat! I almost heaved several times... yeah not feeling so great right now! One thing I learned from my mission: I hate to travel! 

Again, it was one of those super long weeks with many things happening. The biggest thing on my mind is the change in my attitude and diligence these past few days. I love MLC because it always gets me super fired up for the work! The mission has actually tanked in the stats this past 3 months. Since the new changes in reporting and the schedule the stats have flown!... way DOWN!!! Pres was really worried and so we had long discussions on that. It was the topic this last MLC, last month’s MLC and the month B4! I will admit that lately I just have been going through the motions. I haven’t been the most dedicated or diligent. I am not lazy but sort of just going through the motions. Depression has been sneaking back in lately and we all know that that is a bit hard to get over but this past week has really inspired me to start flying now! Thinking that I have started out walking in training, running in area 2-4, I really should be flying now diay ba? Last area was a bit difficult but time to bounce back! I will start flying to the end! 

Elder Gali whispered to me in the temple last night "69". I was like "dude... we are in the temple..." and he was like "DAYS LEFT! 69 days before we are home". I should be flying at this point! Using everything that I have ever learned and be maximizing it! Well I am fired up a bit right now and can’t wait to start implementing what has been revealed to me these past few days. 

We do have our Zone Training Meeting to conduct tomorrow. We also have Sat. and Sun. Gen Conf this weekend. I am stoked for it! This really means that Friday is our ONLY day in which we have a full day to work this week! Ok ra! Mao ra gihapon! Waay problema! 

So we had a temple session yesterday night. The ZLs on the Negros Island get to do a session after the MLCs cuz we can’t make it home on the same day. Many questions entered me head last night about the temple. I guess me and my Grandma Owings will have a long talk about that when I get home! 

I got to see my apo! My trainee is training so I got to meet my grandson! He is Elder Manu from New Zealand. He is super cool and will definitely continue the blood line that we are a part of. Elder Smiler (A.P) Elder Noprada (legendary ZL) Elder Morris (yours truly) Elder Fernandez (he honestly is just a legend) and now Elder Manu (he is Mauri so they are naturally amazing missionaries). He is a big guy too. He makes my anak look super duper small haha. 

The rest of the week was mao ra gihapon with work (same old same old = mao ra gihapon)-- being sea sick on 2 boats, eating a ton of food since I have been here but not gaining an ounce! siyerte! I do have a pain in my hand from when I broke it way back in my Jr year of hockey up in Vernal. The pain has come back... 

Hmm I am not so sure what else to say. I feel like I need to be entertaining but as of now I am blank. Again, grateful I am for the journal. OH! WAIT! I got a new souvenir! I can't tell you about it though:) I got it for free but I will have to tell you all about it when I get home. 68 days now. 

I hope that you all have a good day. I know that most of you are sleeping now so AMPING! Love you all! 

-Elder Morris

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