Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

And that was the end of my first week of actual mission life!

November 11, 2015

So no more 12 weeks, which means that I am now on regular mission schedule! I received my new companion Si Elder Germaine. He is from Arizona. We graduated the same time. He is 6'3" coming in at 220-240 lbs of pure American. We have received a lot more remarks of "Joe" and every time anyone says the word “Joe” he goes after them and FTEs them – haha! It certainly scares a lot of people when they say "Tambok Joe" and then all of a sudden the two Americans are hot on their tail to share the gospel with them! We get along quite well and have a similar taste in music. His teaching methods are interesting--more of an ‘in and out’ type deal, but I feel like I can learn great things from him. He was also batch with Elder Noprada, my trainer.

(Me and Elder Germaine)

So I get to lead the area and my first week was rough! I always had people in mind to teach but we were punted by just about EVERYONE for a straight week!!! What a bad impression! Being punted...

We had three baptismal interviews this week and 2 passed! On Saturday si Brother Gabriel and si Brother Ernesto will become the newest members of the Church of Jesus Christ! I am excited because these two are the first baptisms that I’ll have in which I met them and taught them their first lessons and saw their conversion! I truly do love these people and I am excited for them! Sis Victoria needs some more time though...

Things are going great here in Toboso and getting better! We have gone exploring a lot lately, seeing new parts of our area and meeting new people.

I hung my gigantic American flag in my room cuz MURICA!
(My simple bedroom...)

Not much else new has happened here in my small fishing town of Toboso.

So for some quick missionary tips:
  • Get a bag with lumbar support! If you can rest it on your hips like mine can it is so much better than resting it on your shoulders.
  • Have water proof and durable shoes where ever you go! They hold together and your feet don’t get soaked.
  • Buy your umbrella before you get to the Philippines! I love this place so much but the quality of just about everything isn’t...good.
  • Have a wide variety of very nice ties AND DONT TRADE THEM! Missionaries and even members want your new and nice ties.
  • Socks...people stress about socks, but to be honest, buying a $10 pair of socks isn’t worth it. Your feet are sweaty wet no matter what you wear.
  • The deodorant here is expensive.
  • Be prepared! Study your language before you get to the MTC. Study your scriptures from all the standard works before you get to the field. A lot of people will think "oh I'll just learn while I am there" but TBH you will want to know this stuff ASAP!

The mission is great and maayong ang tanan! All is well!

I wish the best for you all back home and just know this, that I do miss the snow!

-Elder Morris

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