Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Done with "12 Weeks"

November 4, 2015

So, “12 Weeks” is the plan the church has organized for the new missionaries in which we are able to adjust to missionary life. This is the time when we get our trainers and learn all the missionary life things and well... I am done! They say that your mission is divided into 4 parts: The MTC, 12 Weeks, your mission, the last 3 weeks. These next 20 months are going to go by fast!

So Elder Noprada and I are now splitting up. I am staying here in Toboso for another 6 weeks for my follow up training while he is going to the third island of our mission, Siquihor. On Siquihor there are 30 members and 6 missionaries. You can walk the length of the island if you really wanted to. My new companion whom I will be meeting tomorrow is Elder Germane. He is an American out for 1 year and...oh yeah he is Elder Gali's trainer! Looks like we have something in common haha! Elder Gali was my MTC companion.

(My geneology... Me, My Trainer - Elder Noprada, his trainer - Elder Smiler)

This past week was a very long be honest… a sad one. So right off the bat we were told by 4 of our "good" family investigators to not return, I know I should be happy that my focus can now be more centered on those who are Elect but being turned down after having several lessons still sucks!  We had a member die this past week and she was one who we visited weekly. She was one of the pioneers here in the Toboso ward. Elder Noprada and I were asked to give a talk at the funeral. I was asked to dedicate the grave. It was a great exp to see the love people truly have for their family and friends; it reminds me that the world isn't so bad. On the same day as the funeral it decided to downpour! I was soaked to the bone! Good fun :)

Last Wednesday we hiked out to Gabriel's house. It was a great hike! His family was so nice and very humble. Just as the Zoromites were able to be learned because they were humble, I too believe that Gabriel has been able to learn because he is humble. We had fun, took pics, caught chickens with ropes, ate bread fruit, hiked back.

 (One of the many paths to Gabriel's house.)

(Kit, Gabriel, Me, Elder Noprada)

A crazy dude came up to me and demanded money... kind of weird. Then he demanded my neck tie.... he got nothing. I wish I could have helped but we aren’t allowed to give out money.

I finally got one! I have finally received a cacao! I cracked it open, ate the actually good fruit in side, and am now in the process of drying the seeds. I will make chocolate from them!  #determined

This past Nov 1st and 2nd are holidays here in the Philippines. It is some "go and visit the graves" day.

Gabriel, Ernesto, and Victoria are all on schedule to be baptized on the 14th! I am excited, for they will be my first "find them and teach them from the beginning" investigators. I also have a 17 year old Kyle who we have been teaching this whole time too who is doing great and will be baptized on Dec 5th. He would have been baptized weeks ago but since he is 17 and his parents aren't members he has to go to church for 3 months so we can see that he is actually dedicated to this work. The work here is good; you have to be turned down by hundreds of people to find the one!

I love it here and I wish the best for you all back at home! These next 20 months will be pas-pas! Fast! 

(My Filipino friends!)

-Elder Morris

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