Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Friday, February 19, 2016

Week Three of This Transfer

February 17, 2016  

Hmm… it has been an interesting week this week. So here in Argao we have lost all our investigators. We are spent tracting each day now. For our plan this week we are trying our best on member retention. We have planned more LA and member visits than anything else! We have been down to 1-2 lessons a day here due to being punted and or told to go away, but alas, we still haven't given up! We had a huge blessing the other day to testify to our dedication as we were guided and directed by the spirit in all that happened.

So 4:30 finally hit and we planned to go to this LA’s house. On our way to meet up with the three branch missionaries, we crossed the highway at one simple point in our walk and right then our branch mission leader popped up on his bike and talked to us. He told us how he wasn't able to come with us. He was our only male in the group of branch missionaries so we couldn’t go to the house (cuz there’s not a male there either). So we decided to talk to this one guy who is slowly apostatizing. On our way there we ran into another LA guy who told us that his wife just gave birth to their baby boy! We told him that we would go to the hospital to say hi. We continued on our way to this other member’s house and I will admit that he made me really mad! Three weeks ago he was a full active member, then after being fired from his job (he worked for a member) he has totally revolted from everything. I just got up and left that guy there and was pretty angry - haha. We decided to cancel that plan to the LAs house and go to the hospital. Along the way there we got called at by this one lady. As we went to her she was thanking us on how we were doing our part in making better for a better tomorrow in the Philippines (she expressed this phase many times). She spoke fluent English to me but was a bit cuckoo -  haha. After a long discussion, and Elder E. not being present cuz he was dying from laughter, I told her to continue on doing good. She then replied "Oh no, that is bad! Too much good will kill you!" The whole time we spoke she had this really cheery tone that a determined telemarketer has and it was probably the funniest FTE I’ve had! As we walked away, the anger left me as we reminisced the last 10 minutes with this buong. We got to the hospital and met the new one-day-old baby! He was so cute! The father, he being a LA, asked me to bless his baby boy on Sunday too!

While we were at the hospital, we met a lady who had just lost her baby. It was the third time this has happened too. The father and mother were very discouraged. We shared about the plan of salvation; how the children and even family members we lose here aren't eternally lost and that we can seal our families for time and all eternity. I cannot describe what happened in that nursing wing of the hospital but we were directed to that mother and father. Without losing our branch mission leader we probably wouldn't have figured out about the new baby. Without the funny random FTE I probably would have been in a bit more of a less spiritual mood going to the hospital. And without it all we wouldn't have been able to help two people trying to be parents through this hard time. It truly was a miracle that this happened!

We had a great stake conference here! A lot of great insight on the temple sealing and eternal families was shared. 

I had splits with my ZL yesterday and had a great, stress free day not working in Argao. Sometimes a break from tracting is nice!

Well kana, this has been the highlights of my week; everything else is normal. I'm still alive and hoping that all will be well with the members and work here!

I wish the best for you all at home! Take care, Love you!

-Elder Morris

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