Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, April 28, 2016

First Week of This Transfer

April 27, 2016

Pastilan... I am not sure why I start most of my emails or journal entries with that word, but it seems to sum up most everything. 

Transfers hit and we got a new kabalay (house mate). Elder Gali is now in and PASTILAN! Boy has he changed! He went from disappearing and punching things to very obedient and understanding what’s really important! He has grown so much in the past year and I'm proud of him :'). Seeing him also helped me see who I am right now.... yeah... ask my peeps for that one if you'd like to know. 

The thing that has made my week was seeing 6 of our gators at church! We had our brother Billy John come for the 4th time which means once we finish the lessons he is good for baptism coming here up on May 21! So quick too! We also had my friend’s sister Gena and her daughter come for the first time! If things keep doing well her and her daughter should be set for May 28!  It makes me very happy to see my gators at church! Back in Argao we were losing members EVERY WEEK! Here we are having much more success! 

Nothing really broke last week or houses flooded. Elder Beretara gave his first District meeting.  That was interesting! He made and brought mango float:) MMM... I'll have to make you all it when I'm back! Oh and speaking of that I am also thinking of extending my mission for one more transfer. I shall bring that up with my peeps so it’s not a ''for sure'' thing. Our work has taken a little bit of a toll lately. We've only been 3 days in this transfer with 0 FTEs and 3 lessons... Things are just getting difficult right now. 

I got this neat-o package last Monday! It only took about 4 months to get it:) Got this new BOM study guide book which has some interesting commentaries in it. This cool calendar with pictures I got to show off to the others, new pens, sticky notes, and a bunch of new CDs music! It kind of sucks that our CD player decided to break just barely too... no music for now:'(. 

All is well on the Pacific front! Still alive and well! I do love my mission and my work too! I wish the best for you all back at home! Sorry for no pictures; we are at an internet cafe that doesn’t allow us to plug in cameras. Sa sunod na lang! Next time! 

Love ya'll!     

-Elder Morris 

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