Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Weekly Update

May 04, 2016

Hmm it’s been an interesting one!  We found this inactive family last week. They moved in from Mindanao and haven’t transferred records or anything like that yet. So we are going to be helping them as much as we can! Hooray! 

We also had a bit of a letdown this week. So we have this progressing gyud investigator, si sister Gena. I FTEd her and we taught all the first 3 big lessons - The Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been teaching her for about 6 weeks now and extended the IBD of May 28 in which she happily accepted. Well last week we went to visit her and she was hiding from us! We then called her out to come out and like a dog with its tail between its legs she came. She later told us how her live-in partner doesn’t want her to be baptized. We waited for him to return home and then we talked with him. We had a very great lesson in which he said that we can continue to teach her and she can come to church. We got a text the next morning with her telling us to not come back. She testified many times of how she knew it was true, of how her life is changing gyud due to us sharing the message of our Lord. She pleaded (and we saw) as she begged her husband to let her continue but I guess the adversary works through many ways. The last thing I want to do is break up this family so we shall leave it up to them and the Lord. 

(This is sister Gena, our friend whose husband wont let her get baptized... BTW that is NOT my hand on her shoulder! She is the one with the BOM.)

On the lighter side we have a brother, Billy John, who will be baptized on May 21! He is doing very good! He comes all the time to church as well as is progressing very well in the lessons. I am excited for him! 

So the difference between these two people is one big thing. Brother Billy John has family and neighbors who are helping him (a fellow-shipper). Sister Gena was left with just us missionaries- haha. It comes to show me just how important the members are in the work. I haven’t baptized a person yet that hasn’t had extensive help from the members. 

Other than that work is work! All is going well and hapit na nga mag-1-year ko! I will be hitting my one year mark next month! Pastilan! Paspas kaayo! I get to Skype home this weekend too! Excited kaayo man ko para sa akong pag-skype sa pamilia nako! I’m excited to Skype my family! 

Hmm I know there are a lot of things I leave out or forget... hmm well if I can remember I'll let you know!

Here is a link to one of my new favorite songs! 

I love you all back home and hope that you are all safe! Take care mo! 

-Elder Morris

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