Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Halfway Point in This Transfer

May 11, 2016

And here we are halfway through this transfer! Pastilan, it is all going by quickly! A few things to make note about this week are:

Last Wednesday, Elder Gali and I went on spits to do the shopping while the other two elders were at the house cleaning. We took a lil break to eat lunch and the picture below will describe how that went! BTW that kind of food isn’t an everyday luxury here in the mission!

I hit my head so hard the other day I was about to DESTROY that sign that was built for short people. My head has a cut on it that was oozing puss :/

We had this FHE at an inactive family’s house. They are rich too so a lot of American style food haha! There was about 20 people there (I’ll send a picture). After the lesson we played a game with our neck ties and pastilan the people DESTROYED Elder Beretara’s neck tie! It was ripped to shreds by the end! The family ended up giving him and me a new neck tie even though mine was fine - haha. 

I left my clothes soaking in a soap solution for three days. It smelled like E.B went to the C.R in that bucket! Ohh SO BAD!

I ate chicken balot. Duck balot is better but eh... I still aint used to it. Oh and at the balot stand, E.B left our phone there so now we don’t have our phone! .... for the 2nd time this companionship..... pastilan...

Monday was election day and it was crazy! There was trash EVERYWHERE!!! All the flyers and such... wow I feel bad for the cleanup crew! This wasn’t just the area I am in but the whole Philippines was in this big mess of flyers and such. We have a new president here too. Si Duterte is the new president. He is very strict and wants nothing to do with government corruption. I feel that he would be good for this nation.

Last Monday I had the chance to Skype my family back at home:) As in... 45 minutes isn’t even enough time! I finished and was like "Pastilan I forgot to tell them all the things I had planned to tell them!" Well looks like in about 7 months I'll be able to see them again! Next month I'll be hitting my year mark too! PASTILAN is all I can say about that.

So far so good; still alive! I am still doing well here. We have a brother, Billy John, who will be baptized here in two Saturdays! I am excited for that!!!

(This is Billy John. Soon to be a member!!!)

Other than that... I hope all you guys back at home are doing good!

Take care ya'll! 
- Elder Morris

PS - Some extra pictures!

(This is how weekly plannings go...most of the time...)

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