Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Week 5 of the Transfer

May 25, 2016

To be honest, its been a good week!  The big news is that brother Billy John will be baptized this Saturday! He asked yours truly to do the honor as well:). I'll send the pics next week! He is doing very well too along the lines of progressing. I am excited for him and know that this will be a huge blessing for him! (Other than the eternal aspects -  haha). 

Me and my companion si Elder Jayme are doing great! He is keeping up with my fast pace and pastilan we had a great last week! We got a referral from a member that... eh it was ok. The first lesson was odd due to our kuyogs (members present) but she did end up coming to church in which we had 5 gators come! Hooray! 

We had this Zone Conference last Monday.  We left the house at 7 a.m and not joking we got home at 7 p.m. Lahug is literally like 20 miles away too. We received some very big news too. Aside from some small changes in the approach to work, the three area 70's have allowed and or will enforce some new fashion styles. I did a fist bump right as the said we can now wear sun glasses. Hats are also now allowed. The sister missionaries HAVE to now wear slacks or a very long dress that covers the ankles.  We all have to spray mosquito repellant AND this insecticide on our clothes because they are the main cause for all these changes! There have been some major outbreaks of insect related sicknesses in this part of the world as well as other 3rd world countries (I would assume 1st world countries too). Due to this a lot of missions in the world are now taking extra precautions in the protection of the missionaries. Sisters’ legs get bit all the time so they have to cover their whole legs now with either a dress or PANTS! It is all for our protection BTW. 

This morning, Elder Gali and I went to the Filipino DMV to change our licenses to Filipino licenses. We left at 7 a.m. and stood out in the rain for AN HOUR trying to flag some jeepney, bus, or taxi to drive us the 10 miles away to the DMV. We spent the next 5 HOURS sitting there, peed in a cup, sat there some more, took a picture, sat some more, and then got this flimsy paper that says I can drive in the Philippines until 2018... cost me 1016 pisos too... that’s 1/4 of our support! PASTILAN! Gawas ana, maayo ang tanan. :)

I got really mad at this one dude. Pastilan I went to this house to follow up with this huge family and one of the daughters husbands confronted me and said "walay tawo sa balay" I'm like "Bie, nagkita ko og babae didto sa sulod." He insisted "WALAY TAWO SA BALAY." I repeat "Bie, naay lalaki nga naglakip og baby!" again I received the same response "walay tawo sa balay." Pastilan I called him out right then and said "OI BAKAKON! Ako nakakita mga tawo sa sulod. Gnano man ang bakakon nimo? Ikaw ang bakakon!" Just like that he walked away like a dog with his tail between his legs... bakakon siya....
"No people in the house"- "Dude, I see a girl inside"- NO PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE"- "Dude I also see a guy holding a baby!"- "No people in the house"- "OI LIAR! I see people inside! Why are you lying? You are a liar!"  Man I hate lying! It really shows how much integrity you have if you try to lie right to someone’s face! Kind of funny - haha. 

Gawas na, all is well! The work will pick up and I am excited for it! It is interesting how things have been and if I train next week then things won’t change a whole ton! I am pretty much leading everything we are doing (and I don’t mind). Work is now picking up and boy will these next few weeks be good ones! I'll stay in touch;).

Oh! I also ate like 3 balot in the past week. The 16 day old is the best cuz the baby duck isn’t fully formed yet. You have to douse it suka (vinegar and chilies). 

Still alive and well! I wish the best for you all back at home! Take care yall!

-Elder Morris

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