Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, June 9, 2016

First Week of "Exile-tation"

June 8, 2016

Pastilan! Siquijor is not like any part of the mission. I’ve served in lots of different parts but this place is different! This whole Island is a tourist place. The biggest city is smaller than Toboso (my training area). There are like 5 people on this island and their cow... that’s about it! I always did love the quiet peace and serenity though.

So... not really sure where to begin. I did run out of all my money in the first week and now have to survive another week in the most expensive area of the mission! The branch here is brand new and awesome! The other Elders had a baptism last weekend (in the ocean) and so we got to see that there is somewhat success here! It reminds me much of Argao; it is a bit difficult to find people to teach as we lost about 3 of the progressing gators last week. That’s ok though. There are four of us on this small island and we all live in a small apartment that has one room with air-con (guess which room we sleep in!). Things are simple here too and pastilan the area is clean and very nice! 

All the men are off the island working in Cebu so there is like a 1:2 male to female ratio which makes it hard to teach (cuz we need a lalaki to teach). My trainer was assigned in the same area right after training me. It has rained every single day since I’ve been here. Oh yeah and I forgot my proselytizing bag back in Pardo with my scriptures and camera and hair gel:(  We have to get to the highway by 7 o'clock or else we walk home - haha (everyone sleeps early here).  This place is very simple and quiet and I like simple and quiet:) 

My new companion, si Elder Artajo, is a very nice guy! He was trained by my previous companion, si Elder Beretara. He is about 6 months into the mission already. He is good! When we hike up huge hills he doesn’t whine haha! That’s the sign of a good companion ;).

We did attempt to walk about 5 km to an RC house. It was ALL UP HILL and raining. My shoes are bust too (something ate them a few days earlier!) so walking in soppy wet shoes uphill for 5 km sucks! We were graced with a truck that did pull over and we rode in the bed of the truck to our destination. My comp saved my life then. As we were in the bed of the truck (standing of course!), I dodged a tree branch but didn’t see the 2nd one. He shouted DUCK and I did so immediately and PASTILAN that tree branch took out this metal rod on the truck and probably would have broken my sternum and knocked me off the flying truck and broken my neck or back...  yeah... IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! 

Hmm not sure what else to say... it’s going great! I am expecting a very nice transfer:)  I hope all else is going great back at home! Love you all! 

-Elder Morris

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