Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, June 9, 2016

End of Transfer #8

June 1, 2016

So I am halfway through my mission now. I am done with 8 transfers and have 8 more to go... pastilan so fast....

Alright so some news to share… I'm sure you are all wondering about how my friend Billy John turned out as well as who my new comp and assignment is. To start I would like to say that I had the opportunity to baptize my friend Billy John. Last Saturday night we had a good and simple baptism and pastilan I am so excited for him! His die hard Catholic aunt (his guardian) came up to us on Sunday evening and thanked us for helping him. He is becoming more social, he is now cooking a bit and cleaning, and he seems happier! Now that is the news we all want to hear, that we are helping some soul come back into the fold of God and receive these promised blessings! It made my day hearing that from her -  haha.

(Brother Billy John's baptism! Me and Elder Jayme (the stake missionary, Elder Tauba the big Fijian, and Elder Gali)

So last night we had transfer calls. I will be receiving a new companion, I forgot his name, and I will be the senior. He is relatively new in the mission and he is Filipino. The assignment is simple... and took me by surprise too. I actually will be transferring out of Pardo C and going to Siquijor 1A. Now for those who don’t know the Cebu mission, Siquijor is the third Island in my mission. There are only 4 elders (or sisters) on that island at a time. Not many missionaries get assigned to the third island so I will be a three island missionary serving on all three islands of the mission! 

Let’s now put 2 and 2 together. Two transfers ago I opened this area. Two weeks ago we had an emergency transfer. I got a stake missionary as a companion so obviously he is going home. I am now leaving... so you see what I am saying? There is no one taking my place. Pardo C will be closed and the Pardo A, B, C areas are now becoming one Pardo area. So who gets this huge city? Elder Gali, who only became DL 2 weeks earlier, will now work over this whole area – my part, his part, everything! Not to mention the other district has been dissolved so he is the only DL in the zone and will now watch over the whole zone with the ZLs. He just got a HUGE responsibility! He’s now got about 18 recent converts to help, 300 members all in this area, and three total areas in one! Pastilan I am excited for him to take this challenge! …while I am exiled to Siquijor haha (jokes) 

That is really the big news. Had some rather bothersome lessons and people met but hey, that’s like all the time! 

A few questions that have come to my head --  I've pretty much found answers to these but I'm curious as to what you all may come up with.
  • First: Where did Alma the Older get his authority to baptize Helam and why did he baptize himself?
  • Second: Why did Jesus Christ confer the Aaronic priesthood and Melchizedek priesthood to the Nephites when they already had authority to baptize and confer the H.G?
Like I said, I've already got some answers but if you would like to take a crack at it go for it! 

Well it’s been a good long week and it seems like things will be even faster now! Take care ya'll at home! Love you all! 

-Elder Morris

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