Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, June 23, 2016

And Halfway Through the Transfer

June 22, 2016

They say that the mission only gets faster as the months go by and yeah, that’s true. I am already halfway through this transfer with Elder Artajo.

This week was rather quite interesting. Last P-day we walked near our house along the beach and collected the sea shells that washed up on the shore :) I got a bunch of little cool ones. I also found a star fish and am still in the attempt of drying him out to preserve him :) He is really cool and has these huge black bumps on his back.

We had a rather quiet week this week and not a whole lot of work (number wise) done. It has been a bit of a struggle to teach people and we are averaging about 1-2 lessons a day. But among the trials we have been able to find a total of 4 people who are progressing quite well and have accepted baptismal dates on Aug 6. One family I swear (2 of them) was hiding from us yesterday night though... I just hope that I am wrong on this one. The other family (the other 2) are doing really good. Neither has come to church yet but we will try very hard this week to get them to church:).

At the 2nd family’s house we were able to talk to the father’s mother and the people at the next house. They were very nice to us last week. We went there on Sunday night and saw all this white corn on the floor cuz they are pulling the corn off the cobs so we just went in and joined them. Yeah, here it isn’t that awkward to just walk into someone’s house and start shucking their corn. We did that for about an hour until the nanay came out and said that she had cooked us dinner! I'm all shy and all about eating the peoples food because they don’t have much but they cooked for us fried fish and rice and some goolay (vegetable soup thing). I felt like that poor wayfaring man of grief who was fed by a stranger - haha. They were very nice to us and I think we may be able to progress them! I really hope so!

Last Saturday we went to this place called Basac. It is 5 km up a mountain and no motor cabs go up there... We walked up there in about 2 hours. Me being a track star would have run up that thing in 15 minutes... just sayin’. Well we took a small detour and climbed up this huge hill and pastilan we were able to see 5 Islands from up there!! It was a quite impressive view up there! Of course I took pics too! We posted a small "Mormon" memorial at the top of that hill too. I'd send the pics but this computer is being... well not smart. I'll see if I can send them all next week with my pics of the waterfall we shall go to later today :)

(We posted a flag on top of this HUGE hill! up there we could see about 6-7 different Islands!)

This week has been a rather quick one that’s also been long. We’ve done a lot of tracting in places with a very little amount of people. I can see, though, a little depression coming back in. I'm not quite sure whether it is the small work or the isolation haha. But anyways I'm trying to get over it. Let’s see how it goes!

I love you all back at home! This Friday I'll be hitting the year mark!  But I am already on the downward slope as of the 14th. I'll be back sooner than you'll know! Try to enjoy the time you have without me cuz when I get home I'm never going to shut up about how cool this mission is!!

Stay safe and I will too!

-Elder Morris

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