Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, June 23, 2016


June 16, 2016

So this past week went by very quickly! I'm not really sure what to say (same as usual haha).

Last Saturday we had this huge Barangay party. A barangay is like a subdivision much like Traverse Mt. The barangay captain (much like the H.O.A) threw this party as a thank you for the past elections and all the voters. We had lechon baboy (roticery pig), and Mexican style white beans, and tons of rice... yeah it was a feast and FREE!!! Everything is better when it is free:) The individual sections of the barangay (or more like neighborhoods) did some kind of performance. Ours held a cha-cha dance and I totally would have won it had we been allowed to dance haha. Well my landlord danced and it was pretty funny!

A few days later, on Monday, we packed up a suitcase and went back to Cebu! Hooray!... 10 hours and 2 boat rides way... did I ever mention that I don’t like to travel? Well anyway we had a really great conference with Elder Ardern who is the Philippines area 70 president and most likely that would be his last mission tour too. So many great insights and I was also able to talk a bit with him as well. I asked a few questions that are on my mind as well as share a spiritual thought in front of the whole mission! Hooray! I saw 5 of my 8 last companions. It’s probably the last time I will see Elder Germaine and possibly Elder Noprada. They go home in August and October. I managed to get my proselytizing bag back from Pardo. Apparently the apartment there flooded another 2 times since I've left and they left my bag on the floor! My camera is fine as well as the BOM I left in it but it smells like someone went to the CR in it! I did need to wash that bag soon though... We got home this morning about 2 hours ago... its Thursday btw...

(We had a bottle fight. Very fun:) )

It has rained every day since I've been on this Island... I do like the rain haha. Pastilan I love it here on Siquijor! It is very clean and no canals of sewage to fall into, as well as quiet. I like the quiet. There aren't as many people on this Island within our teaching reach. Sure we could travel to the other side of the island but that’s like an hour away and nearly 300 pesos! (Normal fare costs us 9 pesos.) So, we tend to stay within reach of the church! I am planning on next P-day to go to some really cool waterfalls they have here AND in my area! cuz my area is half an island...  The cows here are nice and let you pet them. Everything to buy here is very expensive as well. Pork in Pardo costs me 180 pesos a kg while here it is 210 kg! The rice costs the same though.

Elder Artajo is doing great! We are getting along quite well. A good breather haha! We have a few families we are trying to progress but due to us leaving last Monday and P-day today (Thursday) we haven’t been able to visit them at all this week! Not to mention I got something (whether virus or worm) that has made everything that comes out as fluid as the water I drink. Sure my innards are getting well cleaned out, but I'm in need of a CR at least 5-6 times an hour every 10 or so hours... for the past 4 days......... Even as I write this email I fear to otot. (Hmm after trying Google translate, that word doesn’t translate...). The Spirit will tell you what that means.

So I just passed a very important date. It was June 14. Know why it’s an important date? It starts the last 365 days left of my mission! My year mark is on the 24th but I will end my service on the 14 of June 2017... Pastilan... It just goes by so very quickly! I am starting my 9th transfer out of 16 so I am on the downhill slope! I aint trunky! It’s just so fast...

I hope all is going well with everyone back at home! I heard on the news that something big happened in Orlando Florida. It was in Tagalog so I didn’t quite understand. I was going to ask what did happen but after reading my mother’s email I have figured it all out. I don't know what to say about that kind of disgrace. All I know is that there are some people who I wouldn't think twice about pushing them into the pit of hellfire. 

I love you all back at home! Stay safe! I definitely will here in my Island paradise haha! 

Elder Morris

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