Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, July 16, 2016

...And That's the End of Transfer 9! 7 Left :(

July 13, 2016

So we received our transfer call last night. The past week I was telling Elder Artajo "You will transfer, I will train and become DL. Our kabalay will transfer and the 4th guy will remain in a companionship." Right before the call I prophesied, "We will stay the same and I'll be the DL". Well that was the call! No transferring for me and Elder Artajo but I will now be the District leader here on Siquijor. A DL of 3 other people—haha. This literally is the smallest district in the mission btw. With that being said let us look at one of the biggest districts in Cebu mission. Pardo district covers the whole Talisay zone (the area I came from last transfer). Elder Gali was assigned the DL of that huge area and also whitewashed my old area when it closed and joined his area. He (Elder Gali) is moving after one transfer of being DL of probably one of the biggest districts (a whole zone). He is going to Mabini over in Escelante zone! Toboso, my training area, is two areas over from Mabini in Escelante Zone so he is going to my first zone in the pure bukid! I've worked in Mabini many times with my zone leaders and it is an amazing area! Did you get the hint? Mabini, zone leaders... His new assignment is a ZL!!! Oh man I am so excited for my MTC companion!!!  Maghimo siya AP sa unya.  And that’s roughly transfers!

So this past week was interesting. We had to go to Dumaghetti city for a Zone conference. There I got my package from my mother which had a nice pair of shoes:) and some snacks and a new black tie! A new pair of shades (cuz we can now wear hem!) and ingon ana (etc). The conference was good, slightly crowded in that small room with possibly the biggest zone in the mission. Lots of good, new insights. New implementations are always my favorite and we got a few. Nothing too big. 

(Over on Dumaguette)

A senior couple came over for house inspections. They treated us for lunch too:) We took some pictures over at one of these resorts they have here.

(The senior couple that came and my whole district! 1 for 4 and 4 for all! )

We found a really big caterpillar.

I got to feed baby goats:) 

I got some kind of bug yesterday. I couldn’t work yesterday cuz I was in constant need of a restroom! It still hasn’t gone away (it’s been over 24 hours too). I am soo tired! 

Our IBDs came to church last week! The family! We are good friends right now and they are testifying how they know Joseph smith to be a prophet etc. If all goes well they should be baptized they day after my birthday! I am soo excited for them!! 

(This is brother Juvy and his wife Jesselle. They are our main progressing gators who will most likely be baptized here in a few weeks! Cross your fingers! )

Other than that all is well:) Still doing good in the work and such. 

I hope you all stay safe! Love you all!

- Elder Morris

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