Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Awesome Week!

June 29, 2016

So this week was pretty awesome! A lot happened that is quite fun :)

Last Wednesday we went to these waterfalls here on Siquijor, the Cambugahay falls. There were three levels of falls and places where you could cliff jump into them! Too bad for us, we can’t swim on our missions:( or else I totally would have! Right afterwards we went to this beach, the Salagdoong beach resort. They had clear water that you could see to the bottom of the ocean floor and a HUGE rock that had steps that you could climb. At the top there were 2 sledges of rock sticking out much like a diving board that you would jump off of and into the ocean. OH MY!!! OH THE TEMPTATION TO JUMP!!! I didn't jump but I swear someday I will go back there and jump!!! There were all sorts of Europeans there and Asians. They were jumping off this huge rock and such. Dad! If you come we are going to that beach! And on the 24th too. The next paragraph will explain why the 24th. 

(Cambugahay Falls!)

(Hooray for Salagdoong Beach!)

(Elder Artajo!) 

The following Friday (June 24th) was a holiday here in the Philippines. I think it is a Catholic holiday but man is it a big thing here. It is called San Juan (Saint John) and is supposed to be in memory of the St. John who baptized Jesus. On this day, and for the whole day, you and your family, friends, neighbors, the WHOLE ISLAND go to the beach and swim. They bring a lot of food and might I say San Miguel Rum makes a huge profit from that day. Ever body and their dog was drunk!

We went to the beach and spent the WHOLE DAY there. No one was in their homes so of course we got to go to where the people are. We talked to just about everyone we could that day, handing out flyers and pamphlets and pass-along cards etc. Too bad that just about everyone we talked to was drunk off their rockers!

Later that day we tried following up with this family who accepted IBDs, the one who I said I think was hiding last time. Well they told us not to come back and wouldn't say why. The let down was pretty harsh and the 5k walk back was pretty silent.

Even though we lost 2 IBDs we managed to have a pretty successful last week. We found a family who is progressing very well. The eldest daughter made it to church last week! And the parents got ready and right before they left the got shy because of their two babies; they feared that they babies would cry and disturb the congregation of 20 we have here.

If all goes well with this family we have we are looking at least 5 baptisms in August. Not to mention that the father of the family is actually the one who is progressing very well (reading all the time, etc) and he is the Barangay Captain (more like the head of the HOA) so he has a big influence on a lot of people. CROSSING MY FINGERS! We also found 2 people yesterday who have a chance to progress as well! I sure hope that they will!

It has been raining rather quite hard here lately. My shoes aren't holding up anymore:( I am trying to glue flip-flops on the bottom of my sandals... its ok... not really working though.

OH! I also bought a hammock here:) Sleeping in style

I want you to all know that even though my little Island paradise is rather quite fun:) we are focused on the work (we just manage to take some pics in between lessons;)) We are still struggling to get mission standards of lessons taught (30) and FTEs (100). Due to the very small amount of people here we have to accommodate. BUT work is still progressing here. Still going strong!

Here on Siquijor there is a huge rumor about witchcraft and sorcery and potions and such but I've been here a full month and haven't seen one thing! I hear stuff ALL THE TIME from Cebu and Negros but I haven't seen anything here yet. Interesting...

Other than that all is well. Depression is still taking a bit of an effect, oh well. As I read my journal entries from one year ago oh man I can see how horribly depressed I was! It was bad! But things are a bit different now. Can't focus on depression if you’re always working and focused on others!

I still love my mission, I love it here, I love my new comp. no problems:) I hope that you all have something similar! Take care mo! Amping!

-Elder Morris 

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