Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, September 3, 2016

First Week of Training

August 31, 2016

Hmm it’s been rather interesting this past 2 weeks. So I ended my 3 months with Elder Artajo. We had a good run. No issues, no fights :) I got out of the house at 830 last Wednesday morning and rode (by myself too!) to the boat. It is bad for missionaries to be alone w/o a comp. but if you are transferring, etc. you can be alone so this was my second time being alone haha.

Got to Dumz where I found 30 min to email at this TERRIBLE internet cafe. I was only able to get out that little email before my 30 min ended. Just imagine 30 minutes to get the little one I sent last week. My patience was tested haha.

So I got to Lahug (temple) and stayed the night there. In the morning we had breakfast at the president’s house. There are about 12 trainers. I had fresh MILK for the first time in... probably since the MTC haha. I also had bacon! That is RARE here. We then had a 1 hour instruction by President McCurdy. We then went outside where the new missionaries were lined up facing the temple and we stood behind our new comps. They then turned around to meet us. It was awesome. So my new comp is si Elder Fernandez. He is 2 years RC and is from Bacolod (over on Negros island close to Toboso where I was literally the next island over haha! We can see his home island from ours!) He is awesome at scriptures! Very smart! He can also hold his own when bashers come (and yes we have met some already). He turns 20 next week.
(Me and my anak--my trainee--Elder Fernandez.)

For our gators, we are starting to thin the herd now. Brother Juvy is doing fantastic! He is one of the best investigators I have had so far! The only problem is his wife. She is not interested. I have a lot more on my mind I would like to say about that but feel like I shouldn't say. We found a new college student that we are teaching – si Brother Jorie. He is really interested so I hope that we can progress him!

When teaching brother Jorie we met a bible basher... He is actually the cousin of a previous basher I met haha. He took a 30 min tangent on grace. Then the Lord called him elsewhere (salamat) and we taught Jorie.

So far so good. Elder Fernandez is doing great! He is learning really fast too. BTW he speaks Illongo and Tagalog. He is better at English than Cebuano but is still really good at Cebuano. We get along.

Other than that it is same old same old here on Siquijor. It looks like I will be here for 1/4 of my mission and until December too. It shall be fun!

I love you all back at home!

(Ok I am struggling to get pics uploaded. It charges the camera but doesn’t connect to the computer... yeah it’s not working. Maybe I will just mail home the pictures.)

-Elder Morris

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