Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, September 3, 2016


August 24, 2016

I have to be quick. I only have this 20 minutes to email! I got the transfer call yesterday night and caught a boat around 10 A.M. I am in Dumaguetti right now and in 15 minutes will be going to Lahug Cebu (Lahug is where the temple and mission home is). I will be there by tonight! And bright and early in the morning I will pick up my new companion and sail on back to Siquijor for another 3 months where I will train him. Not sure who he is but I will find out tomorrow! Hooray for 10 hour travel today and tomorrow!!!!

Siquijor is doing great. We have extended a ton of IBDs this past week. We had a zone conference with all of Negros Island and it was some very inspired messages from the pres and his wife! New implementations in the Siquijor work now hahaha! 

I bought a 2 kilo tuna fish and roasted it over the fire one night. #tuna4life

Really a lot of things happened but I don’t have any more time! I did get a photo with ALL of my companions in it!!! Not common BTW. Any who I got to go! 

(A pic of me with ALL of my companions before I trained. It is pretty rare to get all of them in one picture.)

Maybe more time next week! 

-Elder Morris

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