Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Last Full Week of the Transfer

September 28, 2016

It honestly doesn't feel like so but next week I shall have transfer calls. I don't expect any changes but who knows?

This past transfer has been the fastest thing ever! The work here is REALLY picking up! We had about 11 new gators and have narrowed them down quite a few BUT we have a new girl we are teaching, Allyssa, whose sister is on a mission right now. I am in contact with her sister begging her to persuade her younger sister, Allyssa, to listen to us - haha and it is working! The branch president works with us now (after 4 months I finally have members at our lessons!) and we are tackling our investigator Allyssa with about 3-4 lessons a week for the past 2 weeks. She is doing well and keep praying for her! She is so sweet and needs our prayers!

Juvy and Jesselle came to church again for the 5th time. I've never had a gator progress as much as they have and not be baptized! We are so close with them! They are good to go but some Word of Wisdom issues are holding them back. With luck, they could be good for a Nov. 5 baptism. We taught another college girl who came to church, someone who we have been teaching for 4 months but she wouldn’t progress. We dropped her and the next Sunday she came to church so we have returned to her and she accepted the Nov. 5 date. We are very excited for her! TBH I have a lot of hope for her.

We have a new teaching trick we are doing. We would average about 15-16 lessons a week for the past 16 or so weeks since I’ve been here. Well in the past 2 DAYS we are at 12 lessons because of what we are doing. To be honest our tactic is very bold and simple. Instead if asking if we could teach people when we approach them, we just go straight into teaching them. No joke! The very first OST we tried this with, Elder Fernandez walks right up to this tatay and asks "Hey tay, can we pray?" the tatay is confused and so the question is repeated 2 more times before he said yes and so we prayed right then and started right into teaching him the Plan of Salvation. He rejected of course the next lesson (it was expected btw) but at least we gave the Holy Ghost a bit more time to teach this old man. It states in Ch. 9 of the PMG to do so, so we are! It is working and I can see the fire in Elder Fernandez and me growing to share!

Another OST exp... We sat on the edge of a sidewalk, 10 feet drop to the river below, and we shouted the L1 to a group of construction workers while they were working. They DID say we can share before we did so we did! They paid attention and such, it was quite fun haha.

A few days ago I had a DLC in Lahug Cebu... the temple here! So I left at 7 a.m. on Thursday and got to Lahug at 9:30 p.m... yeah I don’t like to travel. On one of the boats, I OSTd a Buddhist guy. He was really nice and grew up in Vegas so we spoke English haha. As we discussed religion I came to see that Buddhism is really close to Mormonism sa pakkatinuod. A few points were brought up that were pretty impactful. The first and main point is the reason why this man left his religion sa una and became a Buddhist. It was because he would go to church, worship and then go home and see all the other people he worshiped with and how they would immediately return to their vices and unChristlike lives. He asked me why people don't live what they believe.  And I see that too! How often are we Mormons only on Sunday? I recall hearing an Apostle of the Lord saying that this religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, isn't just a religion but a life style. We should make sure that it is our lifestyle! My meeting was good. Nothing really big but finally learning how to do my job! after 10 weeks... yeah. \

All is well. I got a package from home which has athlete’s foot stuff! That stuff is really expensive here! I am so blessed to have parents who care about my foot conditions:) It also contained a lot of food. I have shared it with my Comp. and some members. Thanks mom and dad!

So far so good; still alive. I hope all is well with you all at home! Take care! Love ya'll!

CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND! I get it in 2 weeks btw. 

- Elder Morris

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