Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Last Full Week of the Transfer

August 17, 2016

It is that time again where I say "Next week we shall have transfer calls". I am still guessing that I will finally train! I haven't trained yet and all my batch has and all the Jr. batch and so forth but at the same time, less and less missionaries are coming in which means that there will be some people who won't train on their missions:/ Oh well. WE SHALL SEE!

So last week we had this activity at Salagdoong beach where we grilled some big fishes. I bought a huge hunk of Marlin and boy was he good!!! I wish I could eat more of it!! I shall try to buy more later. We grilled it like a steak and ate it with our bare hands! We also bought a huge squid head. The squid head is bigger than my own head! I haven’t eaten him yet but I got plans to!

Investigators are doing fine, none came to church though:/ We extended an IBD but haven't been able to teach her lately. We are also going to Dumaguetti City tonight for a mission conference tomorrow. I will get to see my trainer and follow-up trainer before they go home next week. I will also be able to see about 3 other of my companions there too! GROUP SELFIE!!

This week was rather simple as they are now becoming. There was a baptism here on Siquijor so we attended that. As the baptism was going on there was a family from Shanghai watching. We talked to them later and they were very excited to see a "Christian baptism" as they stated. It was interesting to talk to them and it gave me some new ideas about what I could do after my mission.

I've got a simple plan formulating in my head about after my mission. Return to school and start again for medical school. They offer scholarships for those who, after they finish their schooling, go and work in a rural area for 4-5 years, paid too. I think it might be fun to do something like that and work in China or something. YOLO!

We talked to a Blue Grass band on a jeepney. They started playing for us too haha. Went to several fiestas this week and ate a ton of food like rotisserie pig and such. I feel fat due to that haha... BTW I weighed myself 3 weeks or so ago and I was 163. I came into the mission a whopping 165. Still doing great!  Also writing in my journal everyday is starting to be fun as now I can read all that I wrote last year! PasPas kaayo!! very fast...

The week has been great! And before I send this I would like to share my scripture of the week found in 2nd Nephi 33:15 "...for thus hath the Lord commanded me, and I must obey." Sometimes people question why we follow certain rules and commandments, especially missionaries haha, but let us be like the seer of old, Nephi, and have enough faith to follow without question. It is the faithful who bring miracles into the lives of others.

Like I said, another simple week. I hope all of you are doing great back at home! Love you all!

-Elder Morris

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