Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, January 15, 2017

1 Samuel 3:9

January 4, 2017

This reference has been my motto for the past week. To begin to even explain all that I have felt and what we have gotten done is difficult. I guess I could start with a few smaller things before the bigger ones.

We were able to watch a movie last Saturday night for our New Years thing so we as a zone watched Disney’s Moana. I bought the movie for like $0.50 haha! #pirated! I enjoyed it. I thought it was interesting because the story has to do a little with the culture here! We have New Zealanders who have the folklore of Maui, the demi-god who pulled up New Zealand from the depths of the ocean. Kind of cool. Did anyone else notice when Maui was shape shifting he turned into the caribou from Frozen - or am I just seeing things?!?

We had our MLC last night and Monday. I enjoyed it! We had sloppy joes and tons of pizza and Krispy Kream:)  I love the MLCs. They are like huge spiritual meetings that always get me fired up and ready to work!

My new comp and I have been doing great! Things this transfer have been a bit different tbh. With a companion like Elder Putnam we have gotten a lot of stuff done! With the way I work, we got an inactive to come to church last Sunday, three new investigators at sacrament! 10 referrals in one week (referrals don’t happen here btw) and a lot of subtle excitement going on!  We are trying our best to be very diligent and spiritual in the work, and it has actually paid off! As we were looking for a certain member’s house the other day, we kept roaming around the street going "Where is it?!" We stopped and prayed in the middle of the work and then continued to walk. I felt pretty impressed to turn around and try this one other house. So we did. On our way we talked to an old man who turned out to be an inactive member! We talked with him for a while and he seemed really interested in coming back to church!

We saw a homeless naked dude just strutting his stuff in the road... Saw a couple other... scary things along those lines as well as the days passed by - haha!

So my motivation this past week is found in Samuel 3. I am trying my best to be one with the Spirit; to be very diligent and finding new ways to work. So I say to myself "Speak Lord; thy servant heareth." I am trying to listen. I am ready for anything that the Lord needs me to do. I honestly just feel so different! I can’t explain myself but I honestly feel... lighter? Not burdened or stressed of confused? I feel more in tune with the spirit of the Lord. A bit happier. I don't really show it though but I do feel happier. This transfer will be one of change. "If it aint broke don’t fix it. If it is broke... FIX IT!" A lot of fixing will be made. A lot will change.

I am doing great! My comp, si Elder Putnam is doing great as well! I wish the best for all of you! Take care!

-Elder Morris

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