Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, January 1, 2017

After 18 months you tend to run out of heading ideas!

December 13, 2016

The events this past week were very rough and interesting haha.

Last Wednesday we went to the store to buy E. Espiritu some fancy pants shampoo that was way expensive! On the way home, the traffic in Cebu was terrible! We left the store at about 5 and got home at 7:30... I could run to my house from the store!!!!!! Trying to flag down taxi's is really annoying during rush hour. Traffic here is an issue BTW.

We had a lot of sick days this week so we didn't get out to work a whole lot. But on Friday night we had a totally fun meal appointment with a really rich family. Now when I say a "rich family meal appointment" (and reminder… I am in a 3rd world country) I mean we had spaghetti with meatballs and fried chicken and Lays chips and brownies with vanilla ice cream:) I haven’t had Lays or the ice cream brownies since...MURICA! The husband is a real estate agent and the wife is a fashion designer. The wife brought out her art portfolio and we browsed through all her paintings (water color) and we had a great conversation. She ended up giving me and my companion some really expensive sketch pads! And they are big too! I guess I know what else I can do on sick days!

We had exchanges on Saturday. They were kind of walay klaro (not clear). We had a dance practice for our Christmas conference on Saturday which took up 4 hours of the splits, and then we had a baptism to go to later that evening (I got to perform the baptism for the sisters IBD:)). We spent about 2 hours trying to navigate the Jeepney system here in the city and I swear for a second we left the mission! I am not sure where we went but I did see Jeeps going to the other mission! 

We got to watch the Christmas devotional from the 1st Presidency. It was great; I liked it:) There were some good insights on what I should do when I have my own wife and kiddies. We then hosted all the Elders at the house for the night because we had an early dance practice last Monday. We cooked all of my food to feed them and not to mention... out of money! But it was fun.

Other than that, the week was "mao ra gihapon!" (same old same old). We had our Christmas conference. I messed up on the dance in front of the mission... oh well - haha. We even forgot to bring our music for the dancing so we used some random songs on the spot... it made it a bit weird haha. We got stockings and candy and a little Plano sa Kaluwasan kit and neck ties for Christmas. I like getting neck ties:)  

So my computer is being funny right now so I can send pics:/ Other than that all is well! I hope you all stay safe in the cold! I will try my best here in the hot pacific!

- Elder Morris

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