Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas Week

December 28, 2016

This transfer went by SO fast! This last week, though, we had a super ton of stuff happen.
Before I continue I will just share about transfers. My new companion is Elder Putnam. My second American comp! He is my junior batch and I met him in Escelante zone (where I was trained) so we know each other very well. He is a hard worker too. I am super stoked for this next transfer! I am turning on the jets in the work! I have huge plans for what to do and I will see to it that my goals and ideas are met! #D&C4

The bigger things that happened were last Christmas of course! We had 2 Elders come over on Christmas Eve to spend the night. We woke at 2 A.M to find one of them gone! Woke up the APs and President. Ran around my city looking for him and by 6 we found our way to his house and there he was sleeping. A long story short he talked with president and chose to go home. The next day it turns out that he is staying... This concept of the mercy my mission president has shows me just a little bit of what our Savior does for each of us! I feel that he will have grace and mercy for anyone who asks for it but in the end He will let all our decisions up to us if we want to use Him or just say "no, cant do it no more".

I got to see my family again! Through Skype. That was my 3 time out of 4 times in my mission that I get to see them via Skype. The mission is so fast!

We found some time to work (cuz my comp is always sick) and so we now have a handful of hopeful investigators. One of them actually showed up to church last Sunday too so if all goes well we are looking at a Jan 28 baptism.

Like I said earlier, the work is going to hasten this transfer. I have a great new comp who isn't naughty or sick so this shall be a blast! We had a ton of meal appointments this week but due to the last of my time today I will have to share those memories when I get home. #JOURNAL!!!

Yeah, that is pretty much a rundown of my week. I am at the point where I just cant seem to write down my thoughts or feelings. They are too powerful to type haha! Everything I wish to say is difficult to say and everything I have learned is hard to share because there is so much! I do wish that all of you had a merry Christmas! I wish you all safety and a happy new year! We get to watch movies on Saturday:) EXCITED KO!

Any who, love you all!

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