Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Last Full Week of the Transfer

December 20, 2016

And it is that time of the transfer again! By next P-day I shall have the transfer calls in. The APs hinted to me that I need to be ready for anything. If I am to train a new ZL etc. They also hinted to E.E about transferring to the Negros Island. Who knows?

A ton happened this week that I am not so sure as to where to begin! I think I will just go down the days of my past week.

So, for starters, we had our ward Christmas party! They had 2 rotisserie pigs and a ton of food! We also had the R.S and Y.W do little dance performance things for the ward which was pretty fun. I got them recorded for future watching haha.  Attached is a picture of one of the pigs. This is meant for my dad cuz I know he will get a kick out of it but feel free also to bask in its...yeah you will see!

The next day (being Saturday) we attended a baptism for our zone members. After it was done, all of us missionaries got into a jeepney (my whole zone) and we went to the Stake activity. The jeep full of missionaries was quite funny! The driver and his wife were overwhelmed with the overload of us! It was the most happening jeep ever!

One Sunday our plans were changed as we were asked to participate in this ward activity delivering "Bundles of Joy". We wrapped up (in a plastic bag) a handful of food to give out to the poorer members in the ward. We went on exchanges with the members to deliver these things. I had fun, we had a Santa go with us and he was giving out all these candies and such to the children as we gave the adults the food gifts.

Thursday, we went on exchanges with a trainer and his trainee. I went with the trainee cuz the trainer and I were on Siquijor for 3 months so I know him well. My big story from this is a woman we met. As we went to a member’s house I saw their daughter. She is 42 and has thyroid cancer. Her throat was sticking out further than her chin! She had a nasal cannula but not attached to O2.  The cannula was doing something to stop the continuing bleeding from her nose. She is also fed through this tube as her throat is practically closed. She kept moaning and such and there was nothing to do about it! The medications is far too expensive for the people here and her cancer is diagnosed as stage 4. We gave her a blessing and I talked to her a bit. She can’t talk or hear but she could see and that time that I held her hand and just looked at her she stopped the groaning. She looked back and for a second I thought "She is only 42, she is younger than my own mother!" I just couldn’t help but feel just a bit of pain for her. I wish I could do miracles and take away the pain. I do know that she will be freed from the pain here in a couple more months.

On Monday we had exchanges with the DL. I worked with his companion in my area and might I say we had a very fun day! A lot of rejection but at the same time a lot of small miracles! We started off with a visit to our new investigator family here, si brother Jovie and family. We had a great lesson about Christ and they taught us how to weave coconut tree leaves into a square. You put rice into the square, boil it and boom! You have puso or hangin rice! It is a very common thing here btw to have rice in these little contraptions. The family seemed to really enjoy our help with them.

That night we got a call from the APs telling us that we are to be going on exchanges with them in the morning so me and E.E met back up again and went to work with the APs. I had one of my more memorable days yesterday while on exchanges with Elder May. He will be in America next week. There is a difference in working with someone 6 months into the mission, 1 year into the mission, 1 1/2 years, and 1 year and 51 weeks into the mission. A small miracle happened while we worked. The APs have an RC who after his baptism last month he fell away dayon. His younger brother (whom he was really close to) died of a blood poisoning. Brother is about 30 and his younger brother was about 27. He has avoided the church and the missionaries the past month! But when we got to him he let us in. He told us what he feels and told me what happened. I immediately told him a story from earlier in my life; this really caught his attention. I then felt prompted to read 2 Nephi 2:11. It talks about the need for opposition. As I blabbered on a bit more he sat and thought. After I was done talking he looked up to us and was like "This scripture really says something to me..." in the end he seemed happier. He saw more hope and my companion told me how he has been inconsolable about it the past month but today he seemed to have really changed! I really hope that all goes well for him. Our own Gethsemane’s happen on the Lord’s time, his just so happened right after his baptism.

Again, I cannot write all of the things that have happened. There were many things that have happened that made this past week a bit of a changer for me. A few small miracles happened that have been taken note of. But I just want to say how much more I feel closer to the Savior. I really saw MANY examples of how people really need Him and I could only picture what He truly did for the people when He was here and what more He will do!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I will be blessed to Skype my family here in a few days. I wish that I could see you all! These next 6 months will fly by really fast! I hope they don’t go by too fast cuz I love it here - haha.

- Elder Morris 

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