Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wow...5 to Go!

January 11, 2017 

I’m not counting or anything but I got 5 more months to go. I am not so sure how I feel about that but that it will be super fast!

I woke up to something weird this morning. Take it for what it’s worth but at 4 a.m. I woke up to something screaming at me. The voice sounded as if someone was standing right over me as I laid down and it told me, "Hey you! Why don't you just go home!" His voice sounded like a mixture of Golem from Lord of the Rings and Batman. I wasn't scared by this but it made me question "Yawa ba na?!?" Was that a devil? It is the second time in my mission that I have woken to something screaming at me... it wasn't my comp. BTW.

We have really been poking the hornet’s nest these past 2 weeks - haha. I have seen a lot more attempts from Satan to stop what we are doing. We have several new friends from a local Born Again church that were referred to us by our recent convert as well as our new friends from last week (also Born Again and also referred from our recent convert). We have had some fun encounters with the sister pastor haha. One visit she just barged right into the house we were teaching at and started to yell at the recent convert. At the end we pointed out that contention and yelling is of the devil and EVERYONE agreed haha. After it, one old nanay said "I like you guys more!"

We have a loaded up escalator and looking to start a weekly harvest here in February and March! I am excited! The Lord is really working with us BUT we are also seeing a lot more from the adversary (for example this morning). The mocking and such that we get on the roads is getting a lot worse! It is down pouring rain like you can’t believe here and so the streets are flooded. Yesterday as we were walking a car sped up and got us with a huge wave of dirty water. Had I had a rock in my hands I would have thrown it! They did that on purpose BTW. The temptations that are coming to do something stupid have been a bit bitterer lately. As I focus on what is a temptation I can see just what it is trying to do.

We had surprise visits with some other Elders this morning.... yeah not a fun conversation with them. Do you all remember the sister I baptized a few weeks ago? The one who saw the temple in her dream? Well it turns out that she was baptized and SEALED in Manila back in 2005. Not so sure what is going on there but that is a little disappointing.

And through it all, we have SO much potential in our investigators! We have a family we just started to work with to get married and baptized, about 5 gators from this one recent convert of ours, a son and his 5 kids from our other recent convert of ours, a couple of people we tracted that the Lord led us to the other day, our new LA we found has come to church for his 2nd week in a row, and an inactive tatay that didn't make it to church but little by little will we get him back in the road of repentance.

Me and my comp are getting along just fine. No issues like my 2 comps on Siquijor. I am really liking my area. I wish I could stay here just a bit longer. This rest of the transfer is going to be very busy. 2 MLCs, 2 ZTMs, Zone interviews, Zone conference on the 23rd and a special visit by Sister Bonnie Oscarson here on the 27th. Last transfer we had Bishop Waddell and this transfer we have Sister Oscarson! Work here is very busy! And not to mention I am back in my Follow up training of the mission:/. I had 1 transfer in the MTC, 2 transfers in training, 1 transfer in Follow-up training so now we go in reverse! Follow-up, 2 transfers in training, and then 1 transfer in the "MTC'' and then home...

All is good. I am still kicking! I hope that all is going well back at home! Take care all of you! See you when school gets out!

-Elder Morris

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