Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, March 5, 2017

February is Almost Over

February 22, 2017

Another quick week gone by! I am still alive! A handful of fun activities this past week include our Stake Conference, our Cebu Island Zone Conference last Monday, more walking in the burned area, dedications of homes, and exchanges. Same old same old! Oh yeah, and lots of witnessing of drug exchanges... I just so happened to walk right through a group of people right as they were exchanging... it was extremely awkward!

We have been spending this whole transfer trying to find a day to day companion for one of the sisters in my zone. Well, her American companion finally got to Cebu last Friday so now we aren't stressed about that!
(Sister 7 and her new comp Sister Shirley are my good friends:) )

Four investigators made it to church last week. Tatay Rico made it for his 6th time I believe. He is still looking good for baptism here in a few more weeks! We also had a mother and her daughter, Vivian and Dona, make it as well for their 5th time! Again, we are looking forward to baptism here in a few weeks as well! We had some random tatay from our area just show up to church as well. We were like "um…OK!" We haven't been able to find where he lives though but we are still trying!

My friend Gayford is doing a lot better. He left last Saturday night for Mindanao. That is the big island where foreigners aren't allowed due to the high Muslim population. He is a professional B-ball player and has been out of work for the past 3 months, but now is going back in. He was super excited for his job. He will be gone for about 2 weeks so we won’t be able to follow up with him much.
(The guy on the phone is Gayford) )

Really other than that nothing life changing has happened! Still hanging in there! I hope that all you back at home are doing great! I am doing well and I wish the best for all of you! I love you all! Take care! Amping!

- Elder Morris

(A CSP we had in which we made Lumpia:)  )

 (A good amount from my returning batch (we all go home at the same time))

(Elder Putnam always plays little games with the kids (i.e Pak-ganern etc) )

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