Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Whoops... Looks Like I Am Getting a Chest X-Ray

March 1, 2017

So just as the title explains I am going to get a chest X-ray and another test done here in 2 Saturdays. My little wormy friend is gone, as well as his other little friends, but now something else happened!

To start this off I would like to explain from the beginning. While tracking (and mistakenly we were in the Sisters area) we came across a group of young ladies - 15-30 years old. We OSTd them. The lesson was a bit flat. Not much Spirit felt but in the end I felt prompted to talk to this 15 year old girl. She told me that she was sick and has a hole in her heart (paton ductis). I (stupidly) asked her, "Well you aren't going to die in the next year are you?"  To her response she said, "No, the doctor gave me 2 more years" ...... WOW!!! Talk about inspired questions! Bravo Elder Morris! Bravo. Anyway, we went to her house and talked with her dad who is also sick. Set up a return appointment and left. I felt really bad about my terminally ill friend.

I called the mission nurse to ask what her sickness is and she told me that it is an easy fix problem and that there is a hospital here that will do the surgery for free (since she is dirt poor). We went back with the news. She said that she went to that hospital and they are asking for 1 million pesos for the surgery. Yeah.... So I called the nurse again and she asked if there was any other sickness. I asked the girl at our next visit and she said that the previous week she started medication for T.B. Her dad apparently also has this too. So I told the nurse this info. The nurse then asked me, "Elder Morris, do you know what T.B is?" I said, "Well to took my CNA course 3 years ago but a quick rundown of it might help!" She then tells me how I need to be quarantined from that house... WHOOPS! Looks like I and my companion have been exposed to Tuberculosis! I have had a bad cough ever since. I don’t think it has to do with the T.B though.

Aside from being made fun of each day we had an interesting week. Last Sunday night we had an interesting challenge. I mentioned earlier that we have been poking a hornet’s nest lately. This Pastora Edna really does not like us. We received the challenge to meet with her at her church last Sunday night. I was like, "We have scheduled visits! BAHALA SIYA!" The members that informed us about this seemed a bit uneasy about her challenge to meet with us, but nonetheless, we did not go:3. I have a feeling that she will try to confront us here in the upcoming week. We have like 3 of the members from her church as our teachies. One is already a member and another is about to be baptized (tatay Rico). The third is in a bit of a sticky situation.

We also have a new little friend. This little homeless 12 year old girl got our number from Elder Putnam and she won’t stop calling us! She called us at 11:30 p.m. the other night (3 times). My question is "where did the homeless girl get the money for her cell phone load?" -they pay by text and minute. We are trying to visit her and maybe baptize her!!!!! Ambut.
Other than that all is good - just been a bit tired. We had our zone interviews last Monday. We have MLC this Monday and Tuesday. I like MLC. Free pizza :D. I also hit my 20 month mark. I remember always thinking that the missionaries in the 16th month mark and 20 month mark were so cool and so anad sa mission. Well here I am! Not to be trunky at all, just sayen.

I am almost done with reading the Cebuano Book of Mormon. Not many people read the Book of Mormon in their mission language but here I am almost done:) I understand it too! That’s the cool part.

We had surprise exchanges with the assistants.

Well I got to make this a bit short. We have a temple session unya. It will be my first time back in almost one year! About 10 months. I understand most missionaries don’t get this privilege (151 temples and 400+ missions) but I am excited for it! See you all next week! Amping! 

-Elder Morris  

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