Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, March 5, 2017

First Week of the New Transfer

February 15, 2017

And another successful week! With helping the transfers last Thursday, we were at the South Bus Terminal the whole day! Organizing the traveling missionaries etc was pretty fun. This past week was a bit stressful I'll admit. We had a sister whose companion is still in America! Sister Pito doesn’t have a companion and so we are asking anyone and everyone if they can just work a day with Sister Pito, even if just for a few hours etc. A little rough, but in the end we managed to find people to work with the missionaries.

The work this past week was maora gihapon (same old same old). We are receiving a lot more help from the ward. Ward members are working with us and we are seeing a bit more success in the establishment of the ward. Our new bishop also adds to the help. He is very strict which makes things so much better!

Tatay Rico is still progressing well. We are planning around March 25 for him. A new family came to church last Sunday as well and we are looking at March 25 for them as well. One of our investigators, si Gayford, is going through a really rough time right now but in the end he asked us yesterday without warning if he can join our church:) He has a good long way before he would be good for baptism but we shall work with him. 

We had a couple fun experiences this past week. For example, we went to a laundry mat (for the first time) to leave my polos. The sign said 20 pesos per kilo. I had 1.5 kilos. The lady was like "sigi, 1.5 kilo....that’s 80 pesos". I called her out right there and was like "why are you charging me double the price?!" That led to an interesting conversation. This is a problem here BTW. The people will charge us a lot more (or try to) because we are American. It is annoying. 

I honestly feel like a ton happened but I aint so sure if I have anything to say! Yeah my mind is kind of black right now of things to say but rest assured things did happen.

I do hope that everyone is doing good. I am doing well. Even if things are slow or fast I am still good. Man it is already halfway through February! Pas Pas no? 

Again I love you all. Take care! 

-Elder Morris

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