Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Got to See My Ribs!

March 15, 2017

Last Saturday I got in to have my TB test done. They pressed me to a mat and shot X-rays at me. The funny thing about it is that it cost me $3! I am a little worried about possible cancer coming from being shot with third world x-rays (jokes). Last Monday I got the result. After looking at my bones I found the place that told me that I have Tuberculosis. Time to start the giant pills! My comp had to get his foot checked at the doctors so we spent a good 2 hours there. 

(Next email a few minutes later…. “Ai one last thing! The TB test was negative. That’s all folks!” He got email scolded for that one. His mother didn’t think it was funny!)

We talked with a lady who believes in Korean Jesus. She wants us to meet with her church leaders to discuss what true doctrine is. Like that's going to happen! I hate debating and no matter how many people tell you that it will just be a simple discussion... yeah no, it is not. 

A guy told me to go away yesterday and as he left he shouted, "stupid!" That was the first time in my whole mission that anyone has called me stupid. Usually we get the Cebuano equivalent of some English swear words but not the English! We shouted thanks and walked away. 

I went to my bishop’s house for the first time in about a year and a half. I have been in branches since then XD. He gave us Dunkin Donuts and for some reason I have just been having a serious craving for donuts! The KrispyKreams, Dunkin' Donuts, etc. are American priced here - about 600 pesos for a dozen. CANT AFFORD THAT! So I just stick with the Filipino off brands like HappyHaus and Mr. Doughnut. 10 pesos for one… Sold! 

We did have an investigators activity at our church last Saturday. We got a lot of our gators to the church and had a fireside with them. We had about 4 from my area and maybe 4-5 from the sister’s area. It turned out well. We had tons of soda left over so hooray for free soda! 

We went on splits yesterday. Yeah... that has pretty much been my week. Rico made it to church again:) We have a handful of people scheduled for baptism here in a few weeks and months! Oh and transfers next week! I admit that I requested to President for my last area because this next adventure might very well be my.... LAST!:,( I hope to go back to Escelante Zone, my training zone. I have some of my fondest memories from that place and I hope to die off there.) But any who we shall find out next week or maybe even today because the new A.P. gets assigned today. You never know! 

Well this is me. I don't think there is anything else to say but that I hope that you all are doing good! Take care! 

-Elder Morris

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