Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, May 7, 2017

I see that no one has made an attempt to translate the joke of the last sign

April 26, 2017

The joke behind that last picture is that the one on the left says that their chicken is better with sauce and the one on the right says that their chicken is better because it has no sauce haha! 

Basta the time has come where I get to tell you that next week I will already have transfer calls. I don’t expect one bit to transfer but I do expect to get a new kauban cuz E. Eberhard has been here a while. This next call will be my final assignment. My last transfer. my last 6 weeks:( And next transfer is going to be busy! 2 MLCs, 2 ZTMs, 1 zone conference, and 1 zone interviews. Paspas gyud oy! Fast.

This past week was full of some good stories to tell. A lot of wisdom learned and such. Keeping the journal updated every night is lisod but I have still managed to go back and write something for each day:)

Starting out on Wednesday I caught a glimpse of true evil in the world. TBH these next two stories are about pure evil doings told by others I have come in contact with. They are rather quite sad. 

Upon visiting our recent convert who has been gone for the past 2 1/2 months she told us about her recent adventure to the Bohol Island where her parents are. She told us that she left because of her father. The story is that the father wanted to sell his land but a squatter on the land didn't want to move and so there was a rather large contention. A few nights or so past and as the tatay was leaving his little tiny side road store he returned to the store to grab his bananas and right behind him was another man who shot him about 5 times. The most deadly was a shot in the lower stomach. The man fled on a motorcycle while tatay bled out but not enough to kill him. A by-passer found him on the road and rushed him to the hospital where he survived. The sister whom we were visiting went to Bohol to help out. She now has to pay a huge debt of over 100,000 pesos! People here just can’t even afford that! So she is super stressed about the debt and such. It is assumed that the man who wouldn't move off of the property is the one who hired the hit man that night. 

The second story is about a little girl I met. She was so cute! I didn't get a picture though. She is deformed a bit, very skinny. She was 7 months in the womb when her mother decided to have an abortion. She then spent the next 2 months in the ICU until she was able enough to leave. The mother left the hospital in Manila to go get money and never returned. The mom apparently tried to abort her baby because she broke the law of chastity and was being shamed by her family. Do we all know of a story of a person who broke the Law of Chastity and it lead to him killing the woman's husband? Well this lady almost killed this young girl through her abortion and we all know that Christ has taught that even if you have the intent to do so it is just as good as actually doing it! Not to mention she just abandoned the baby at the hospital. I found her, 7 years old now, at a member’s home who took her in. She is super cute. Cognitive too! But she gave me a high five after several struggles with her shyness. 

I actually have a few more stories to share but will probably have to wait until I am home. 

As far as the work went we did pretty good last week. We had 7 investigators come to church last week, 3 different households. One family, the Martinez family is looking really good for May 13:) I am super excited for them! A couple other tatays came for their 2nd time as well so hopefully they will continue! 

We had many exchanges this past week. Thursday was out in Macasilao. The ONLY Elders in the mission who have a truck and are not ZLs or APs because their area is so far in the mountains. I took lots of selfies with the goats and cows and karabows:) 

Then the next Sunday I worked with a member from the branch here, si brother Jahm. We crossed rivers and such. He fell into the river while I barely brushed my shoes with the water haha. Then last Monday we went with the Assistants on exchanges. And yesterday I worked with one of my old companions from Siquijor, si Elder Artajo who is now training. I have spent maybe one or two days this past week with my actual companion! Lisod oy! 

Had a CSP where we helped make a lady’s fence. We had zone interviews last Monday and Zone Conference last night. We had about 14 other elders stay at our apartment yesterday night because of the conference and we had to entertain them so that is why I worked with Elder Artajo and such cuz he stayed at my place. 

An old friend stopped by this past Monday too! My old Zone Leader from when I was in Argao, Carcar just randomly showed up at my house with fast food breakfast! Elder Wilson is his name or morag brother Tyler Wilson. Basta it was great to see him again.

A lot happened and this upcoming week is going to be very busy... it already has been! Bisan pa niana the work is still happening! We have been having a lot of success here! Probably the most success I have had in any area of mine! I love it here it is an adventure every day! 

I hope you all are doing well! Take care! Amping! 

-Elder Morris

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