Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Last Transfer Begins


Well I did receive my last assignment here in my mission. I’m still in San Carlos and a Zone Leader. My new companion is Elder Murdock! He was my district leader in Central Zone while I was his Zone leader. This was when I was in San Nicolas with Elder Espiritu and Putnam. He is about 6 foot 3” and super buotan! He will be killing me off here:/ This area that I am in is fantastic! I love the people here so much! They are very nice. We have a family bring interviewed for baptism this Saturday. A Family! I have only been baptizing singles for my mission but now a father, mother, and three girls. The oldest son isn't joining though because of his work schedule but I don't doubt that when his schedule changes that he will be able to join as well. They are the Martinez family. 

We also have a brother Tony here. He is very nice and tells us every time that he wants to be baptized. His family is super Catholic but he is making his own choices. Both of these families are actually receiving tons of persecution for their choice to join:/. There are no members out in their area so they shall be the first. I admire their faith. They are telling us how they are so much happier in life too! The father Martinez has cut cold turkey his vices and told us yesterday how he is very grateful for the help our Savior has given him in doing so. Brother Tony tells us how he is always receiving persecution from the neighborhood but from our visits he actually feels happy! That is hard when you are in his shoes. I see true depression eating at him. He has suffered a stroke so he can’t really walk or talk all that well. People tell him that his illness came because of sin...BLAH! I see a light in his eyes from our visits with him:).

(Tatay Tony)

We also have two other tatays who are progressing rather unexpectedly well! I didn't think that THEY would be the ones to progress well but Tatay Lary and Tatay Alfredo have come to church 3 times now and are fully open to baptism! They are very poor and live far away but they still make it to church. They told me one thing that I have only heard in General Conference talks. They told us that ever since we have been visiting with them that they need to cut out their vices (Gambling, drinking etc) and they have! We haven't even taught them about that! They just felt like they should:). We also have a sister Leonessa who made it to church last Sunday too. She belongs to a small Christian church that I have never heard of. She is so very nice and is very receptive to what we have to share. Hopefully she can receive a full witness of the restored gospel and be baptized here in 4 weeks. 

(Tatay Lary, Alfredo, Leonessa.)

If all goes well we are looking at straight baptisms weekly for the next hopefully 5-6 weeks! That is if things go well. About 12 people are on my radar and I know that 8 of them will progress until baptism!  
My week was full of fun adventures. We went house shopping for some other elders in the zone. I can sort of now see what that will be like! We also took the Senior couple around last Thursday to do apartment checks. We had fun adventures with them. We had exchanges with a missionary only 5 weeks into the mission. That was great fun! Reminds me of when I first worked with my zone leader, elder Matthews, when I was in my 2nd transfer and he was about to go home! 

A sad story we heard was when we went to our group out is Cabagtasan. That morning a man went into the house of one of the member families. With a knife he sliced up the face of a 14 year old girl and then raped her. The whole group was in shock that day telling us that she is clear in Bacolod (the big city on the north end of this Island) in critical condition. The head trauma is extremely bad and TBH her life is forever changed. The man was caught by the girls grandma and is in custody awaiting trial. 

That day we also got a phone call from the Zone Leaders in Escelante zone. This was my first zone. They told us how they hit a curve going 100 KPH, blew a tire and slammed into several trees completely ripping off the front and rear bumper of their small Toyota and smashing in the door rear to the driver. The driver had broken his collar bone. A clear break! With concussions and such they are in Cebu right now, hopefully coming back to their area today in slings but well enough to work :) Their car is wrecked! If I can send a video I will show you their car! If not then you will have to wait 6 weeks. It is honestly a surprise that they made it out the way they did! Missy (the car) is dead but what a trooper she is! They still drove her back to Cebu! Even with all her dents she still got them to Cebu... I told Elder Tanaki that if Missy was a girl that he should marry her! HAHA! She took so much punishment and still continues! 

Other than that the week was maora gihapon (same old same old). I am not so sure how to attach videos... basta. 

(Me and our kuyog, brother Zelly at a chicken restaurant)

I hope all is well at home! Sorry for the dark pictures! My camera isn't they most high tech thing!  

-Elder Morris

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