Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, February 4, 2016

An Eventful Week

January 20, 2016

Oh where to even begin! Lets start here:
We lost our IBD and two "progressing" investigators. We also lost also 2 of our new investigators gihapon. ALL IN ONE WEEK! It kind of hurt but right before it all happened I reread my copy of "The Rhiccardi Letter". It gave me inspiration on what to do when people tell you that they don’t want the Church of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Rhiccardi would stop all he was doing (once told they don’t want the missionaries), thank them, then ask them to invite the future missionaries over when they come. He then explained how he now had more time to focus on those who are actually willing to accept the message of the restored gospel instead of wasting time with those who are not progressing. I hate using the phrase "wasting time with those not progressing" but it is true! We only have two years to serve a mission and it needs to be spent finding, teaching, and baptizing. 

Other than the saddening moments we were walking on the street and heard a little psst. We walked to the source to find a sister, her mother, her husband all sitting there and the first thing they said was where is our church because they wanted to go! The other night, sister happily accepted a baptismal date!  So I have learned even after all this finding and losing we will eventually come across the one who is actually ready. Let’s see how this goes! 

Some funny-ish story (or funny to me):One of the new investigators we lost was what I call a Bakakon! (I will later give the translation). We FTEd her at her house and she happily accepted a return appointment. We showed up at the time planned and she wasn’t there. Did this 3 times and still nothing. Well we decided to give it one last chance. We went to her house and saw her and all her family just chillin’ outside. As we approached, all the males got up and walked inside and sister said to us "Oh there are no boys here! They are all gone! (We can’t teach a girl without a boy our age there) "I am also very busy all the Sundays!" She kind of had an annoyance in her voice too. So this brings me to the translation of the word Bakakon. It means Liar.  I started reading the Book of Mormon again on Dec. 12 and finished last Jan 15. As my questions do come up I can at least find answers to them as well as peace. I do know that the Book of Mormon is true; I do know it to be the word of God. As we actually study the book and understand what is going on the book makes so much sense with what’s in the Bible. It frustrates me though how people won’t even read the Book of Mormon to know and receive answers. It also bugs me how people see the church based on the members. The church should be judged on the doctrines and not the people. The doctrine is perfect, the people are not. 

I had a quite fun spiritual moment the last weekend. I had finished work and for the last 30 min or so of the day I wanted to sing hymns and feel the spirit in great abundance. After about 20 min I was still feeling pretty bland... wasn't sure why. So I knelt in prayer and after a long time of conversing and asking for help and such I received a prompting to relate a message to my mission president. The next afternoon I decided to act on what I felt and gave him a call. As we talked (he not being aware of the real reason of why I was talking to him) and discussed what I had said to him a feeling of peace came over me and I felt that the spirit began to flood me as I had wanted the night before. I learned that day that I had received the spirit not because of the things president said to me but because I had listened to and followed the impression in which I had received. Even though it was a simple thing as relating a message that had nothing to do with what was going on in my life or mission it still was what was asked of me and through obedience I got what I had been searching for the night before, the flooding of the spirit.  

Thank you all for the emails. The small simple things of encouragement really do help! I love hearing from my peeps back home! I wish all of you to be safe in your endeavors! Next week will be transfers so I will know if I sill stay here, receive a new companion, or a different assignment. Should be fun! 

Take care ya'll! 

-Elder Morris

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