Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, February 4, 2016

And Halfway Through This Transfer!

January 6, 2016

Like always, another long week! Started out last Wednesday with a visit to a less active family who hasn't been to church in 7 months! The father is also the 2nd counselor here. Well after a great lesson about Jesus' appearance to the Nephites, we committed him and his family to go to church and sure enough they showed up! I am seeing a new light in this family from our visits and I sure hope that they are able to come back! 

We gave out a good amount of blessings to peeps this week. One was to this little baby girl running a fever of 41 Celsius (nearly 106)! This made an impression on me when I saw her. I feel so bad when little babies get sick! They can’t talk or even tell us what’s wrong to understand what to do to feel better. I also hope that she will get better.

So the teaching pool here has gone up 3 families! FREAK! Walking around FTEing for two weeks is starting to pay off! Nonetheless, the families we have found are much like the families in Toboso. They are great and hopefully will progress well! We committed one to baptism yesterday night so that was good! 

Went to a family’s b-day and received cake and such. Took one bite and was like "COFFEE! NNNNUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!" This family is a more poor family and they had this very expensive cake so I turned to Elder Adap and say "The Lord will forgive you!" Yeah still not sure where to go with that one but at least we didn't insult the members. 

So Thursday night we went to a city called Carcar. We had our New Year’s party there. We watched two movies -  1) MegaMind and 2) Inside Out. I really liked that Inside Out movie. It wasn't the usual/typical Disney thing. I thought it was good. Well I figured out why we don't normally watch movies. They really throw you out of the missionary mode. No one had good stats at the end of the week and I blame the worldly entertainment - haha. 

We went on splits Monday and then Elder was sick on Tuesday so we spent most of the day at the apartment. I am almost done with Alma in my Book of Mormon reading again. It’s only been about 3 weeks and I plan to be finished by the end of this transfer (Jan 28). It’s been hot here and I wish for the snow! It really didn’t feel like the holidays! It’s just been hot and hot and hot... so on so forth. 

A lot better of a week this week. I wish it stays like this! 

I wish the best for you all back at home! Love you all!!

Amping moha!    
-Elder Morris

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