Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Transfer!

February 3, 2016

So I did get a new companion, Si Elder Estanislao. He is a pinoy (Filipino) from Manila. He is 23, 6' 0" and entered the Manila MTC the same time I entered the Provo MTC, so he is technically my senior batch but we will be going home at the same time. He is very nice. His English isn’t so good so my Cebuano has really been pushed, and isn’t as lazy as some of my past companions - haha. 

As I have looked through the emails I have received I was quite impressed as to how many people wished/ hoped that I'd have a good week but alas not so much. We haven’t taught ANY of our investigators this past 10 days; not one! They are either not at their house or are "busy". So we have been tracting for the past 10 days.... The branch here is slowly starting to minimize as we went from 50 ATD to 39 ATD in a few weeks. My less active family that began to start to come to church again moved away! A few ward members are getting in scuffles and we all know that never ends well… And, my bike died on me last week so we have been walking everywhere!

Depression had an onset this past week and I admit I have been more quiet and less "smiley" this week. It has been a very long week for me, and other than that there isn’t much else to report on.

There was this one OST (on the spot teaching) we had in which after I had recited the first vision the young man took a deep gasp with a slow exhale as he said under his breath "woah". HAHA NINDOT! Spirit flood! 

We are also going to the Cebu Temple complex tomorrow to watch the Missionary broadcast. It should be good. The temple is closed though so no session:/. 

Simple lang! I wish all the best for you guys back at home, Have fun with all the snow!! 

(I was walking in the dark and heard a scuffling. I saw some eyes gleaming in the dark and as I shined a light I saw this little guy staring at me! He’s happy.)
Take care ya'll!

-Elder Morris

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