Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Making Progress

February 10, 2016

OK, a somewhat better week! Spent a lot of time tracting. We all know how fun that is! I actually got laughed at pretty hard for the first time too! Oh I love it:) knowing that prophesy is coming being fulfilled... good stuff! Sacrament ATD is still slowly decreasing but last week we had 4 of our investigators show up! I have only had one guy whom I've been teaching show up to church and that was only once in the past 2 months I've been here… and last week we had 4! 

We went to the Temple complex last Thursday for this world wide missionary broadcast given by the apostles of the church. They really emphasized teaching repentance and baptizing converts. We as missionaries don’t really spend a whole lot of our focus on teaching repenting (believe it or not lol) so it is good to know the structure of what we need to be focusing on. They also emphasized teaching part member families and less-actives - thus finding gators through them. So that is what I have been pushing this past week.  I know I'll most likely be transferred out next transfer so I am trying my best to make sure that Elder Estanislao has some people to baptize next transfer! 

One recent convert that started to come to church is a sister Janice. We have started going to her house and teaching this big crowd of people because she is the only member in this huge area! Not to mention, missionaries haven’t even been to her area cuz it is so far from the branch meeting house we have here. I figure that if she treks all the way out to church each Sunday and has kept her faith, then she deserves to have some visits. That group of people has really been receptive and I hope that all will go well! I then looked at a map last Sunday (after we had visited them 3 times) and found out that the area we have been going to is a whole different area. (Whoops! Been leaving my area w/o knowing! SSSHHHHH!!!!!) We have a lot of members that live outside of Argao area so we have to get special permission from the APs to visit them:/  I’m going to try to get permission to visit them multiple times a week.

I talked with sister Janice the other day about where her husband is (cuz I've never seen the guy). She said that after she got baptized he left her and took their two kids and left her pregnant (she’s due at the end of April). She tries to keep in contact with them but he is withholding the kids from her. I felt really sad for the price of her faith and then reassured her that Christ has promised her (and us) 100 fold of the things we have sacrificed for our faith in Him. As I thought of her the thought came to my mind when Jesus visited the Nephites and beheld their faith, He said "So great faith have I never seen among all the Jews;"(3 Nephi 19:35). She has sacrificed a lot for her Savior, Jesus Christ, and it made me think "What would I sacrifice for Him?  Will we show that same faith in Christ when trials come, when roads part and paths change?” Remember: Christ has promised you His wealth untold! He will reward us each and individually for our efforts and sacrifices. Sister Janice has the faith right now that is escaping a lot of the members here in Argao. It is tough for the missionary work but it is great to see such faith in Him! 
I got a nice package from home with a lot of American goodies! It came with a big pack of Skittles, which, by-the-way, are worth their weight in gold here. And I also a new red necktie as seen in the picture below. It made me all nostalgic to see such great American treats in such abundance! I am trying my best not to hork them all down at once! Got to savor it! 

I popped a rib out of place...

-Elder Morris

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