Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ready to Leave the MTC... and I saw Elder Nelson!

Aug 5, 2015

They taught us that we learn 10 years of maturity here in the next two years. I sure hope that I am able to learn how to deal with people and be able to gain their trust. The hardest thing I've found is correction of behavior. In a place without immediate or physical punishment it is hard for people to see the need for behavioral correction. I need to learn how to correct behavior without upsetting people and this is difficult because at least somebody gets offended. 

This week was a very interesting one. I don't even know where to begin. (He then wrote of a personal situation with another Elder.)  We all go through our own Gethsemane and I feel like he is going through his right now. He said that all his actions were not thought out and were out of anger. Like I said before, I do feel that he is striving to do his best. We shall see. I have hope for him.

I leave at 6:30 tomorrow morning and have over 24 hours of traveling until I am in Manila. I will give you a call tomorrow when I am at the airport waiting. We leave at 11:33. I sent home a letter with a leadership thing I went through and it definitely humbled me haha. The best thing I can do with all these experiences is to see them at different angles, and look at them as learning chances. I respect all of my fellow friends here and take each chance to better myself. I know that I have truly changed so far and am scared about the changes within the next 22 1/2 months haha! This time here has been the best lime of my life! I am glad to leave here but I am thankful for what I have received here. 

Last night I saw my first apostle in the flesh. Elder Russell M. Nelson came! The president of the Quorum of the Twelve! He gave his FIRST talk as the president to US! It was insane! I am so glad that before I left I was able to see an apostle in the flesh! 

I am glad for the choice to serve a mission. I thank you so much for helping me with this opportunity. I promise that I will not let you down!

-Elder Morris 

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